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Lauren McGinnis
Lauren McGinnis
Seattle, Washington, United States
18 Aug 2018
Fantastic service!!! This has saved me a trip to the vet with two cats that do NOT travel well, not to mention quite a bit of mone ... more
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Fighting a flea infestation can be a pet owner's nightmare when it comes to treating your large, thick-coated Bernese Mountain Dog. Fortunately, preventing fleas has never been easier than with NexGard, the revolutionary tablet from the makers of Frontline. Tasty, beef-flavored NexGard comes in a soft chew that protects dogs from flea and tick infestations for a full 30 days thanks to innovative Afoxolaner, the active ingredient that absorbs safely and quickly into your dog's bloodstream and releases slowly to kill biting pests. That means you no longer have to worry about messy topical treatments or washing away your dog's flea medication' simply give your Bernese Mountain Dog his monthly NexGard tablet to protect him from harmful biting pests.
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NexGard for Bernese Mountain Dogs

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