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Jennifer Jahn
Jennifer Jahn
United States, Clearwater
17 Aug 2018
I love Petbucket! Great prices!
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Bred as an all-around hunting dog, your American Water Spaniel is a lively breed that loves the outdoors. Unfortunately, his favorite stomping grounds are also where your pet is most likely to encounter harmful fleas and ticks. Protect him with NexGard, the hassle-free chewable treat that fights dogs' worst biting pests. One beef-flavored chew kills adult fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. NexGard also kills three types of ticks, protecting your American Water Spaniel from serious tick-borne disease. Avoid messy topical treatments that can wash off and protect your dog from fleas and ticks with the tablet he'll look forward to, NexGard.
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NexGard for American Water Spaniels

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