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Efrat Ma'ayan Cheifetz
Israel, רמת השרון
20 Sep 2018
great price and cheaper than local price
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If you are an active person and you need an active dog to keep up with you then a Swedish Vallhund would be great. They will keep you on your toes with their energy and intelligence. They will love to learn from you so make sure you keep to your training regime as well as putting some fun tricks in for them to learn. Their love for learning combined with their energy means they are great in dog sports and competitions. Socialize your Vallhund from when they are young to ensure they become the best companion they can. Socializing with other dogs does have risks as other dogs may be carrying harmful parasites. If you apply Advantage Multi once a month it should protect your Swedish Vallhund from a variety of internal parasites as well as fleas and mange.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Swedish Vallhund

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