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Joey Pushinsky Sr
Joey Pushinsky Sr
United States, Monaca
24 Oct 2018
We recieved our order in a timely manner as ordered. We will be ordering more from them.
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Dignified and gracious are two great words to describe the Pekingese, they were bred for the imperial family in China and they haven't forgotten it. They haven't forgotten it until they have fallen asleep, and then que the snoring, which can become quite loud. The snoring isn't their fault, because their noses are short, their breathing is quite labored. This could make it difficult to spot if your Pekingese has a problem making their breathing bad. Heartworm can cause your dog to be breathless and cause them to cough, other parasites can make your Pekingese lethargic and just not themselves. To prevent these parasites you have to vaccinate against them and Advantage Multi is just one way you can do this. Advantage Multi is a topical application that will prevent your Pekingese from getting heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm. In addition to these internal parasites, Advantage Multi will prevent fleas as well.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Pekingese

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