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Sharon Sionov
Sharon Sionov
Israel, Ramat gan
22 Jul 2018
great service!
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Taking on any terrier means that you will have a dog that will dig and chase smaller animals however the Irish Terrier can be very stubborn and domineering. An Irish Terrier, if you let them, will take over your household and will see themselves as the boss of the house. You should be persistent with your training and never give in. Your Irish Terrier will love to dig up your garden if you have moles or other rodents living in and around your garden. Unfortunately soil can be quite dangerous to dogs because it harbors harmful parasites. These parasites can be prevented by products such as Advantage Multi. It's a simple application, Advantage Multi, and it will protect your Irish Terrier. The one great advantage of Advantage Multi is, you don't have to try and sneak or force a tablet into your dog's diet.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Irish Terrier

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