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Colleen King
Colleen King
United States, Magnolia
23 Oct 2018
Great service!
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The Fox Terrier is an escape artist who does better living as the only pet in a household. Fox Terriers have been known to go for other animals such as rabbit, cats and obviously foxes however they may also go for other dogs. They are a scrappy breed and may try to pick fights with other dogs, you should probably be an experienced dog owner to have a Fox Terrier. As a dog that will go after other animals, you should know that these other animals may be carrying parasites that are harmful to your Fox Terrier. Simple way to stop your Fox Terrier from catching certain parasites is Advantage Multi. This vaccine helps prevent certain internal and external parasites. Parasites can be picked up from your dog's environment as well as other animals so vaccinations are vital.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Fox Terrier

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