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Lily Doron Top
Lily Doron Top
Israel, Netanya
20 Oct 2018
I'm very satisfied. Thank you.
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The English Springer has a high level of intelligence as well as energy and if you let them rule your life they will. With their high intelligence and eagerness to please they are now known to be dogs working with police and in the armed forces to sniff out bombs or drugs. As well as working with public services, the English Springer Spaniel is still used as a hunting dog and can be kept as a family pet. If you have your English Springer Spaniel as a pet you should monitor their diet as they can gain weight easily without enough exercise and too much food. Now when taking on a dog, vaccinating them is easy, products like Advantage Multi are affordable and easily administered. Advantage Multi is applied to your English Springer Spaniel's skin, once a month, for protection against parasites.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for English Springer Spaniel

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