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Melissa Holden
Melissa Holden
United States, Corpus Christi
24 Jun 2018
I always receive my products in a timely matter. The automatic shipment is a no brainer. Thank you for your excellent service!
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There a lots of ways to vaccinate your dog these days and these vaccinations can be bought over the counter or from your vets. Some vaccinations are applied to the skin of your dog like Advantage Multi, others come in tablet form and some need to be injected by a vet. Advantage Multi is one you can administer at home and will cover for various parasites. You apply Advantage Multi to the skin of your Chihuahua once a month, for full protection, but make sure the skin is not irritated when applying it. If your Chihuahua has a reaction to Advantage Multi then you should see a vet and get them checked out. Applying a Chihuahua's vaccination to the skin can be better than trying to get them to swallow a tablet. Chihuahua's can be timid and sometimes mischievous, making giving a tablet difficult.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Chihuahua

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