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Don Fry
Don Fry
Silver Mountain Ontario Canada
16 Aug 2018
We always order K9Advantix for our dogs from you. Delivered straight to the door no hassle service quick and convenient and it’s t ... more
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The Brussels Griffon is a small dog but they wouldn't be necessarily described as a lap dog. They were bred to be ratting dogs therefore they have intelligence, energy and independence. Even though a Brussels Griffon looks like a little teddy bear, they will not appreciate being handled in that way. Brussels Griffons have been known to bite out of fear if they are handled roughly so may not be suitable for household with small children. As a responsible dog owner, exercise and grooming are two main tasks as well as vaccinating your dog. Vaccinations like Advantage Multi can help you prevent fleas as well as some internal parasites. Advantage Multi should be applied to you Brussels Griffon's skin once a month. The internal parasites that Advantage Multi protects against are heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and whipworm.
Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi for Brussels Griffon

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