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Elizabeth Fowkes
Elizabeth Fowkes
United States, Medford
24 Jun 2018
Buy all our tick and flea meds from Petbucket. Been a customer for years. Great prices and customer service!
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Heartworms and intestinal worms can strike at any point during your pet’s life, leaving him coughing, fatigued, and malnourished or with any number of other symptoms. Fortunately, discount Interceptor treats dogs and cats for heartworms, hookworms and roundworms, plus it prevents whipworms in dogs. Bargain Interceptor is a simple, once-a-month pill that comes in a tasty beef flavor, so administration is quick and easy. It is available by prescription, so ask your veterinarian for the cheapest Interceptor tablets available to keep your cat or dog healthy and worm-free. Pets should be tested for heartworms before starting a preventative treatment such as cheap Interceptor to ensure they are free from heartworms.
Discount Interceptor

Discount Interceptor

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