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Making Veterinary Visits Less Stressful For You and Your Cat

 by michele on 30 Sep 2016 |
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Most owners and cats alike, dread the thought of a visit to the vet. Not only will the cat have to be placed in a carrier, it may also have to travel by car and encounter unfamiliar places, people and animals. Here are some simple tips to make the ex...

All About Feline Periodontal Disease

 by alexandra on 10 Mar 2015 |
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Sounds very medical and scary doesn't it? Periodontal disease! But what exactly is it? Put simply, it is a form of gum d...

Dealing With Dogs With Incontinence

 by alexandra on 04 Mar 2015 |
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Most people assume that dogs become incontinent with age and while some senior dogs may lose control of their bladders, ...

Dogs And Their Stinky Breath

 by alexandra on 02 Mar 2015 |
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We've all experienced that absolutely horrible stinky breath after being given a big wet one by our dogs. And of course our instinct is to gag and then tell Fido just how aweful that smelled. However bad breath can be an indicator that something is n...

WATCH: Assistance Dogs Four Legged Carers

 by alexandra on 27 Feb 2015 |
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Many people know about Guide Dogs or Seeing Eye Dogs but not many people realise that there are some very special pups...

What You Need To Know About Feline Heart Disease

 by alexandra on 26 Feb 2015 |
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Just like us humans, our feline counterparts can also suffer from heart disease. The fancy medical word for it is Cardio...

How To Manage A Teething Pup

 by alexandra on 19 Feb 2015 |
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Much like when a baby starts teething, a puppy's teething period can not only be painful and itchy but they also don't know how to solve the problem. This may make them just as irritable and cranky as a teething baby. Your pup will start teething bet...

Can Your Pet Make You Sick?

 by alexandra on 13 Feb 2015 |
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So you've caught a cold and you're worried about spreading the illness to your pet. Stress less because you can't actual...

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Your Cat's Litter

 by alexandra on 11 Feb 2015 |
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Out of all things to eat, why the kitty litter? Why?!  The act of dogs eating faeces from cat litter is known as coprop...

Clipping Your Cat's Claws - Made Easy

 by alexandra on 10 Feb 2015 |
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Trimming your cat's nails is not an easy task and most people take their cats to the vet or a groomer to do it. However if you are prepared to put in the hard yards it is something you can do in the comfort of your own home. It's best to train your c...