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Unlikely Animal Friendships That Make Your Heart Melt

 by danielle on 18 May 2014 |
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We are used to crossing the interspecies boundary when it comes to us and our pets – though we aren’t the only other creatures dogs and cats can open their hearts too. Here are a bunch of unlikely, and incredibly heartwarming BFFs.    The Elephant...

12 Dogs Who Rule The Dancefloor

 by simone on 16 May 2014 |
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Image credit 1. Astaire and Rogers have nothing on these two as they dance cheek to cheek (and paw to paw and wet nose to wet nose).   Image credit   2. Chihuahua Cha-Cha. Be one with the rhythm.   Image credit   3. Twerking is all about work...

Check out this pious little pup!

 by wai on 12 May 2014 |
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The end of the world is nigh – but don’t worry! This little guy is doing a great job praying for humankind’s salvation. Love how happy he looks with his big eyes and well groomed coat – such a great look for a Pomeranian. What cool tricks can your...

This Shiba puppy dreaming is the most adorable thing you’ll watch today!

 by wai on 09 May 2014 |
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What's this little guy dreaming about? Playtime? Puppy school? Treats? Or maybe that eerie looking dressed up doll beside him? Whatever it is, his little woofs and whines are guaranteed to melt your heart. We love puppy dreaming videos! Be sure to...

8 BFFs That Will Melt Your Heart

 by simone on 07 May 2014 |
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Who says that you need loads of things in common to be besties? Sometimes you don't even have to be the same species!  1. One sloth hug to rule them all.   2. This raccoon just knows how to make everything right in the world.  3. All the othe...

7 Reasons Why my Dog is Crying

 by simone on 05 May 2014 |
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1. I said we were home now and it was time to get out.   Image credit   2. I told her that she needed a better hiding spot.   Image credit   3. I said only one ball at a time.    Image credit   4. She wants to be a rug but I wouldn't step ...

When Cuties Attack

 by simone on 03 May 2014 |
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This is an important community service announcement from Petbucket. They may look soft and squishy and oh so scrumptious, but many good people have fallen foul of these criminal cuties.    1. I can smell your fear … and it sure smells good.     ...

Have You Met Zoey and Jasper?

 by jaime on 27 Apr 2014 |
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This is Zoey and Jasper. Zoey is a rescue dog who loves many things but nothing more than Jasper. Jasper is a 10-month old who is not only adorable, but is best friends with Zoey. Jasper's mum, Grace is a professional photographer who has captured th...

Warning: Major Cuteness Overload!

 by sinan on 15 Apr 2014 |
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This story is too cute not to share.  Image credit A boy and his puppy taking a nap together. Have you ever seen a sight sweeter than this? For New York mum Jessica Shyba, this has become a daily occurence between her young son Beau and their newly...
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