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March 2016

Litter Box Problems and How to Solve Them

 by petbucket on 24 Mar 2016 |
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If you’re frustrated with a cat that has taken to thinking outside the box when it comes to kitty litter, you’re not alone: At least 10 percent of cats develop an elimination problem at one point during their lives. Once your cat cultivates an aversi...

The Cat’s Meow: Excessive Meowing and How to Curb Cats’ Cries

 by petbucket on 12 Mar 2016 |
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Many cat owners have experienced the frustration of coming home to a seemingly endless barrage of meowing. Certain breeds, such as Siamese and Bengal cats, have a reputation for unnecessary “talking,” but the truth is any cat can take to excessive me...

The Lowdown on Declawing Your Cat

 by petbucket on 05 Mar 2016 |
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Declawing cats is a hot-button issue among veterinarians and pet owners alike. Onychectomy, as the procedure is formally known, is regarded as a serious surgery and involves not just amputating a cat’s claws, but also the small bone that comes before...
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