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July 2015

7 Facts About Declawing Your Cat

 by petbucket on 30 Jul 2015 |
2 Comment(s)
By Gail Fero   Congratulations, you've decided on a cat! Though the decision might have seemed monumental, it was only the first of many decisions you'll have to make. Your cat's well-being is be up to you; there is training to consider, as well as t...

Teaching Kids the Fundamentals of Proper Dog Handling

 by petbucket on 22 Jul 2015 |
No Comment
Children should know how to honor the feelings and boundaries of other living creatures, whether human or not, and these...

5 Tips for Traveling with a Dog

 by petbucket on 15 Jul 2015 |
No Comment
Even though you want to take your dog with you when traveling, it's not always easy. If you want to make the journey as ...

Chubby Dog - Making Changes To Improve Your Dog's Health

 by petbucket on 09 Jul 2015 |
No Comment
Obesity is a growing issue in the human population, and it's not surprising that this problem is also affecting dogs. Experts believe that up to 50 percent of American pets are overweight and susceptible to a variety of health issues. If you are conc...

Six Easy Games to Play With Your Kitten

 by petbucket on 02 Jul 2015 |
No Comment
Congratulations on your new kitten!  Getting a kitten is an exciting time for your entire family.  As you may have alrea...
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