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December 2014

What To Do When Your Dog Won't Go For A Walk

 by alexandra on 24 Dec 2014 |
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Some dogs pull, jump and pounce to get their owners to take them on a walk-however, your pooch may not be as excited about walkies. While a break from walks may seem like a great idea, it could be a sign that your dog is ill. So first, let's try and...

What Sort Of Bed Is Right For Your Cat

 by alexandra on 23 Dec 2014 |
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It is no secret that cats love a nap. In fact it might feel like your kitty loves napping more than almost anything else. You may spot him or her sleeping on the couch, on the window-sill or even on your bed, which is exactly why a nice and cosy bed ...

How To Choose The Right Leash For Your Dog

 by alexandra on 22 Dec 2014 |
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A leash is a vital tool in the training, safety and exercise of your dog. The vast amount of collars and leashes available can be overwhelming without understanding and guidance. Responsibility, control and safety are all key attributes of any correc...

The Best Games To Play With Kittens

 by alexandra on 19 Dec 2014 |
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Kittens are full of energy and love exploring their new home and getting into all sorts of mischief. But play time is not just for fun, it can also be quite beneficial to your kitten's health. It is a great way to exercise your growing bundle of fur ...

Bushfire Safety For Pets

 by alexandra on 17 Dec 2014 |
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Bushfire season means serious business, and it's important for you to have a plan prepared for yourself and your loved ones if you live near bush, grasslands, coastal areas and forests prone to fires. But it's not just your human family you should ha...

How To Bond With Your New Kitten

 by alexandra on 16 Dec 2014 |
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A new kitten brings with it the hope they grow into a happy, loving member of your family. It is vital to bond with your new kitten to establish a relationship and to understand your pet’s personality, its likes, dislikes and their place in your home...

Why You Should Consider A Dog Life Jacket

 by alexandra on 15 Dec 2014 |
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Dog life jackets? To some people the concept of little life jackets for pets can seem quite funny or even weird but for dog owners it should be something to consider if you frequent beaches, harbors and even rivers. Simply, dog life jackets are a saf...

Is Your Cat The Correct Weight?

 by alexandra on 12 Dec 2014 |
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Weight concerns and managing a healthy weight is just as vital for cats as it is for their human counterparts. An overweight cat can end up with as many or more health problems as an overweight human, including arthritis, diabetes and heart disease, ...

How To Look After Your Dog's Ears

 by alexandra on 11 Dec 2014 |
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Although your dog's ears need to be reguarly cared for and monitored by your vet, it is quite simple to keep them clean and healthy yourself. This is especially important because it's not uncommon for parasites, bacteria or yeast to hide in the inner...

Christmas Foods NOT To Feed Your Pet

 by alexandra on 10 Dec 2014 |
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Christmas is a joyous time of year filled with happiness and great mirth, and should be fun for all the family- pets included. While Christmas is surrounded with joy and cheer, it can in fact inadvertently have a profound negative effect on our pets....
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