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September 2014

Here's How To Get Your Cat To Come When Called

 by jaime on 10 Sep 2014 |
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It's more common for dogs to be taught to come when called but it's also something that your cat should learn too. You may even be surprised to hear that it's quite easy to achieve with a little time, patience and treats. Quite a lot of treats. Reas...

Could Your Dog Compete in Competitions?

 by jaime on 09 Sep 2014 |
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Any dog owner that has spent time watching the Animal Planet network on television is familiar with the agility competitions and dog shows that pets can participate in. Dog shows are a difficult test of the mental relationship between dog and owner, ...

Can Your Cat Happily Live in Two Homes Simultaneously?

 by jaime on 09 Sep 2014 |
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If you share a cat with someone and then decide to move house, you may consider the idea of your pet living in two new homes. This is particularly evident when a relationship ends and both partners have a deep attachment to their feline companion. Th...

5 Fall Foods To Share With Your Dog

 by michelle on 09 Sep 2014 |
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With the early release of the pumpkin spice latte (PSL), fall is coming faster than ever. Though your dog can’t enjoy a PSL, there are other fall foods that are okay to share with them. The following fruits and vegetables are considered in season f...

What Does It Mean When Your Dog Bites Their Nails?

 by jaime on 08 Sep 2014 |
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Human beings have a number of nervous ticks that are easily noticed by other individuals. One of the most common is biting finger nails. Many individuals associate this behavior with nerves or higher levels of stress. Extraordinarily, this same behav...

Can Cats Tell When We Are Sick?

 by danielle on 08 Sep 2014 |
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Cats and their owners often have remarkable bonds. It may sound farfetched to outsiders, but owners often insist their beloved cats ‘know’ when they are ill and behave differently around them as a result.   It turns out, it may not be a fantasy after...

How To Coax Out a Cat That is Always Hiding

 by danielle on 07 Sep 2014 |
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Hiding is common cat behaviour. However some overly shy and anxious cats can take to hiding constantly, and not just from strange visitors to the house but family members as well.     Reducing the stress levels of a timid cat is the best way to encou...

Introducing A New Dog To The 'Pack'? Here's How To Do It Stress Free

 by danielle on 07 Sep 2014 |
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Bringing a new dog into your home can be a stressful as well as joyous occasion when you already have a ‘pack’ in residence. Your current dog or dogs make take some time to adjust to your new family member, especially if they are older and set in the...

Why Not Try And Exercise With Your Cat!

 by jaime on 06 Sep 2014 |
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What do you do on the weekend? Do you catch up with friends and family, take a nap, or go grocery shopping? Maybe you try to keep fit and active by partaking in some exercise? If that's the case, we've uncovered what surely should be a new craze: exe...

What It Means When Your Dog Makes Eye Contact With You At Meal Time

 by danielle on 06 Sep 2014 |
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Eye contact has significance with dogs just as it does with humans. The meaning of eye contact differs between the human and dog worlds however. With people, making eye contact is simply politeness. It indicates you are paying attention and intereste...
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