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September 2014

3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe On Night Walks

 by danielle on 18 Sep 2014 |
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Many dog owners work long hours, meaning they can only exercise their full-of-beans dog when they arrive home at night. Exercise at anytime of the day is great for both dogs and people, though certain safety issues should be considered when venturing...

Top 5 Interactive Toys For Cats

 by michelle on 17 Sep 2014 |
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As much as cats enjoy sleeping, there is such a thing as too much sleep. Wild cats require a great amount of sleep in order to hunt for food and travel long distances. Domestic cats aren’t doing either of these things, so it’s up to the owner to crea...

Learn To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

 by danielle on 16 Sep 2014 |
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Proper oral care is an important part of keeping your dog in tip-top shape.  Just like humans, brushing your dog’s teeth can be an excellent way to keep them gleaming and disease free.   Approximately 85% of dogs over five years of age are afflicted ...

Could Your Dog Benefit From An Orthopedic Bed?

 by danielle on 16 Sep 2014 |
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With dogs living longer than ever before, arthritis is becoming a bigger problem in the dog world. Arthritis affects the joints and may cause lameness, stiffness and joint pain. Large dogs are especially affected, due to the added strain of their bod...

6 Reasons Why Cat Owners Should Consider Hydroponic Grass

 by danielle on 15 Sep 2014 |
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Though cats are carnivores they are adapted to consume small amounts of grass as part of their regular diet.   Grass is a source of fibre that assists with digestive tract health by helping to prevent constipation and assisting cats to cough up hairb...

How Containment Systems Can Be Useful For You And Your Cat

 by jaime on 13 Sep 2014 |
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Some people are quite against the idea of installing a containment system for their cat. And that's OK. But it must be said, they can provide lasting solutions for a multitude of problems. And, more often than not cats react positively to them whilst...

How To Use Bark Control Systems Effectively

 by jaime on 12 Sep 2014 |
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We're better off accepting the fact that dogs bark - and there's nothing you, I or anyone else can do about it. Dogs bark for a huge variety of reasons and while it can be annoying to us, it's pretty important they do it. Reasons dogs bark include:...

Why Your Cat Needs A Heated Bed This Fall

 by jaime on 11 Sep 2014 |
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As the nights become cooler, you're no doubt hunting out sweaters and blankets to keep yourself toasty and warm. You may even be putting an electric blanket on your bed to give you a comfortable nights sleep - but what about your feline companion? C...

10 Reasons Why Agility Training Is So Beneficial For Your Dog

 by jaime on 11 Sep 2014 |
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The great thing about agility training is that there are so many benefits for both owner and dog and best of all, any dog can learn it and excel at it! Agility training is a form of canine sport where the handler uses only hand and voice signals to ...

First Aid Tips To Help Save Your Dog's Life

 by jaime on 10 Sep 2014 |
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It's not nice to think of something terrible happening to your dog, but the best thing you can do is to be prepared and know what to do in various medical emergencies - it may just save your dog's life. A great idea is to put together a first aid ki...
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