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July 2014

10 Most Common Illnesses in Dogs

 by jaime on 28 Jul 2014 |
1 Comment(s)
The common cold and flu virus knows no boundaries in infecting humans. Regardless of your age, skin color, or nationality, you can become infected by illnesses that disrupt your life and make you feel miserable. Your dog is no different. Whether your...

Helpful Tips to Stop Excessive Barking

 by jaime on 27 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
There is no feeling more frustrating than trying to silence a dog that is barking excessively. Excessive barking can occ...

Common Infectious Diseases in Cats

 by jaime on 27 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
Summer is in full swing and families have migrated outdoors to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. As you head outdoo...

What is Your Dog Telling You with Its Eyes?

 by jaime on 27 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
Human beings express a range of emotions using various physical movements and expressions. As a human, you can show your happiness with a smile, or express your displeasure by frowning. You can take a tall, stiff stance with your body to display aggr...

How to Keep Uninvited Cats Out Of Your Garden

 by simone on 26 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
What can you do when there are other cats in your garden - and you don't want them there! Cats are experts at climbing ...

Surviving Teething in Puppies

 by jaime on 26 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
It's an easy point to drive home time and again, but bringing home a new puppy has a lot in common with welcoming a huma...

How To Transport Your Cat In The Heat

 by michelle on 26 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
Most cats prefer to be left home, but if you’re traveling somewhere together or just need to take your cat to the vet, follow these tips for a safe trip in the summer time. Cats in cars   image credit No matter the time of year, the safest way to ...

6 Tips for the Perfect Doggy Playdate

 by michelle on 25 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
If you want to set your dog up with a furry friend but don't know where to begin, here are some simple tips to create bo...

Why is my Cat Chewing on my Fingers?

 by danielle on 25 Jul 2014 |
19 Comment(s)
Ouch! One moment you are cuddling your soft purring kitty and the next moment their teeth are embedded in your finger. W...

Why do Puppies Nip and How to Stop it

 by jaime on 25 Jul 2014 |
No Comment
What is it? Nipping, also known as gentle mouthing is not biting. It's something that puppies do a lot of and most of the time it's while they play. Controlling the force of their nipping or gentle mouthing is called bite inhibition and usually puppi...
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