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July 2014

How to Help Your Cat Cope with Grief

 by jaime on 31 Jul 2014 |
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  Cats can form strong bonds with other humans and other furry members of the family. You may not even realize the depth of this attachment until that friend is gone. With the loss of a loved companion, cats can become more aloof, lethargic, and eve...

5 Cancer Warning Signs To Look Out For in Your Dog

 by jaime on 31 Jul 2014 |
1 Comment(s)
  Medical doctors and governmental agencies are constantly reminding human beings to be aware of the signs their bodies...

Cats and Asthma

 by jaime on 31 Jul 2014 |
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  A cat suffering from asthma will noticeably struggle for breath. They will stop moving, breathe with their mouths ope...

Can Dogs Really Recognize Us?

 by jaime on 30 Jul 2014 |
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  Every dog owner knows what it is like to return home to a pup that has been awaiting their arrival after a long day at work. The moment that door flings open, your best friend is sitting there with an anxious look on its face. Their tail might be ...

Vestibular Disorders in Cats

 by danielle on 30 Jul 2014 |
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Vestibular disorders are unfortunately common in cats.  Also known as the labyrinth, the vestibular apparatus is a sens...

Teach Your Dog to Open and Close Doors

 by danielle on 30 Jul 2014 |
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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your dog knew how to open the door to let themselves outside in the mornings? Guide dogs are t...

Cats and Bad Breath: Possible Causes and What to Do

 by danielle on 29 Jul 2014 |
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Dog’s aren’t the only pets that can suffer bad breath. Cats too can emit powerful, foul smelling odours when they open their mouths, which can also make their fur reek after they engage in a thorough grooming session. Whilst your cat’s breath is not ...

Dogs with Dementia: Signs to Look for and How to Help

 by danielle on 29 Jul 2014 |
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Due to modern health care innovations, dogs, like humans, are living longer than ever before. This means we can now enjo...

Why Your Cat's Appetite has Increased

 by simone on 28 Jul 2014 |
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Cats are like us in many ways – they enjoy a stretch, a nap in the sun and some peace and quiet. They can also experienc...

Why do Cats Suddenly Attack Their Owners?

 by jaime on 28 Jul 2014 |
4 Comment(s)
It can be like a scene from Jaws. You can imagine the music playing in the background as you walk down the dark hallway, or near furniture where it could be lurking underneath. Just as you think you've made it safely passed, it springs from its hidin...
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