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June 2014

What to do if Your Cat Stops Using the Litter Box

 by jaime on 30 Jun 2014 |
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Litter box problems can cause even the most dedicated cat owner to rethink their pet of choice. Cats are clean and fastidious by nature, so it can be perplexing when they suddenly start urinating and defecating outside of the litter box. There are so...

5 Reasons Why Your Dog is Not Eating

 by jaime on 30 Jun 2014 |
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Many dog owners are reasonably worried when their canine companion decides to forgo its meals. Loss of appetite in a dog...

The World's 15 Most Unpopular Dogs

 by jaime on 29 Jun 2014 |
7 Comment(s)
We all love a Labrador and are incredibly fond of a Jack Russel, but what about the unpopular breeds of dogs in the worl...

Why do Cats Love Catnip

 by jaime on 29 Jun 2014 |
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If you've ever seen a cat go wild as if possessed, then chances are they were probably under the influence of catnip. Catnip is also known as catmint, catwort and field balm - whatever you call it, it has the power to make even the most docile or gru...

Intestinal Worms in Pets

 by jaime on 29 Jun 2014 |
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Dogs and cats are prone to several types of intestinal worms. The most common of these intestinal parasites are roundwor...

5 Tips for Trimming your Cat's Claws

 by michele on 28 Jun 2014 |
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Unless you have an outdoor cat that requires their claws for self-defense, it is best to keep your cat’s claws trimmed e...

4 Ways To Give Your Cat A Pill

 by michelle on 28 Jun 2014 |
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Administering pills to your cat may be easy for some, but for many it’s a daily struggle. Thankfully, there are several methods that can make the process less stressful both for you and your cat. 1. Special treats   image credit The best way to ...

12 Ways to Take Care of Tiny Dogs

 by jaime on 28 Jun 2014 |
1 Comment(s)
Tiny dogs are becoming increasingly popular particularly among urban city dwellers, people who live in apartments or tho...

Daycare for Dogs

 by michelle on 27 Jun 2014 |
No Comment
Just as you might enroll your child in daycare, you can also do the same for your dog. Although the reasons for enrollin...

A Guide To Raw Feeding Your Cat

 by michelle on 27 Jun 2014 |
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The Raw Truth   What other felines, besides domesticated cats, consume their prey cooked? Most likely, you're drawing a blank because the answer is none! Cats by nature are carnivores - more specifically they are obligate carnivores, meaning in orde...
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