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April 2014

Grumpy Cat vs Boo vs Lil Bub - Internet Pet Showdown [INFOGRAPHIC]

 by wai on 25 Apr 2014 |
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First there was Grumpy Cat, then Lil Bub, and now there's Sir Stuffington, Menswear Dog - and of course, we can't forget Boo! These four-legged personalities are better known by name than many of our world leaders! So when it comes to the highest fol...

Cat Heaven Island

 by danielle on 24 Apr 2014 |
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The small Japanese island of Tashirojima has been dubbed ‘Cat Heaven’ by visitors. Home to only one hundred people, cats far outnumber humans in the tiny fishing village.   Image credit   Cats were originally brought to the island to keep the mice...

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Puppies

 by jaime on 24 Apr 2014 |
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Leaving behind your little bundle of fur even for a few hours is unpleasant, but for your puppy it can be a devastating experience. After being separated from their mother and siblings, many dogs will worry that their owner has also left them forever...

The World’s Wealthiest Pets

 by danielle on 22 Apr 2014 |
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Many people say their pets are like their children. This holds true for multimillionaires as well as the everyday man and woman. In grand fashion, some of these animal-loving people have made certain their beloved furbabies remain cared for upon thei...

Seven Reasons to Love Burmese Cats

 by jaime on 22 Apr 2014 |
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While Burmese cats have attracted less attention than some other similar breeds (most notably Siamese), those who have owned one will often say that it is hard to transition to any other breed once you have enjoyed the love of a Burmese. Here are som...

Five Major Health Problems to Look Out For in Older Cats

 by jaime on 22 Apr 2014 |
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As your pet cat advances in years, they will unfortunately become more prone to suffering from a range of different medical problems. However, the good news is that treatments are available for many of the common health problems found in elderly cats...

9 Cats Embracing Their Inner Easter Bunny

 by michelle on 22 Apr 2014 |
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Here are some cats that just love Easter... Image credit 1. One of these things is not like the other... Image credit   2. Just like Santa uses a sleigh, Easter Kitty uses a Roomba. Image credit   3."Stupid human... these ears aren't realistic...

14 Felines In Need Of A Cat Nap

 by michelle on 17 Apr 2014 |
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Warning: this post will make you tired! Image credit 1."ZzzZzZz huh? what?!" Image credit   2. Mondays? Amirite? Image credit   3. "I'm not sleeping - Just resting my eyes real quick..." Image credit   4. So this is what they mean by dead t...

Warning: Major Cuteness Overload!

 by sinan on 15 Apr 2014 |
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This story is too cute not to share.  Image credit A boy and his puppy taking a nap together. Have you ever seen a sight sweeter than this? For New York mum Jessica Shyba, this has become a daily occurence between her young son Beau and their newly...

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

 by jaime on 15 Apr 2014 |
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Nobody wants to be the owner of 'that dog.' You know the one: they bark all day and night, at anything and any one. If your dog won't stop barking and you don't know why, the likely cause is attention. However you may not need to send them to obedien...
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