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April 2014

Cat People, Dog People and Personality

 by brian on 30 Apr 2014 |
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  Dogs and cats are the ultimate human companions in contemporary society. So much so, that people end up self-identifying as either one type of person or another.  Dogs win the popularity contest easily, in both terms of ownership and self-identifi...

7 Canine Country Covers

 by simone on 30 Apr 2014 |
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“I buried my best bone but my girlfriend stole it and gave it to the Beagle next door” A compilation of the best canine country covers. Image credit   1. Rawhide “Rollin,’ rollin,’ rollin’ – keep them corgis rollin’. Taking a leaf out of The Blues...

14 Dogs With "Wild" Hairstyles 

 by michelle on 30 Apr 2014 |
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  1. There's a new king of the jungle in town.   Image credit   2. Inspired by Rio perhaps?   Image credit   3. Cowabunga!   Image credit     4. If giraffes had short necks:   Image credit   5. That is a purrfect tiger disguise! ...

Modern Cat Furniture

 by danielle on 30 Apr 2014 |
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The days of buying a simple carpeted scratching post for your cat are long gone. On the market today there is an array of innovative – and sometimes funny – furniture designed to transform your home into the perfect kitty playground.    Katris    ...

Should Your Next Dog be a Shelter Dog?

 by jaime on 29 Apr 2014 |
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If you are looking for a new four-legged family member, there are many reasons to head to the local animal shelter instead of the local breeder. Owning a shelter dog can be very rewarding for you and the animal. Animal shelters and pet rescue organiz...

How Does Your Cat See You?

 by danielle on 29 Apr 2014 |
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Anthrozoologist Dr. John Bradshaw has spent years studying the domestic house cat to discover more about their habits and psychology. According to the University of Bristol cat behaviour expert, our furry feline friends view us as versions of themsel...

Unusual Breeds: The Xoloitzcuintle

 by danielle on 28 Apr 2014 |
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Otherwise known as the Mexican Hairless or Xolo, the Xoloitzcuintle has existed in South America for over 3000 years but is now one of the rarest breeds in the world. The breed’s unusual hairlessness is thought to have originated due to a mutation of...

7 Elite Four-Pawed Heroes

 by simone on 28 Apr 2014 |
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We take a look at some of the sporting world’s quiet achievers.  Image credit   1. Keep your eye on the ball at all times  Despite some questionable plays around the net, nothing gets past this master tabby of table tennis.   Image credit    ...

Have You Met Zoey and Jasper?

 by jaime on 27 Apr 2014 |
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This is Zoey and Jasper. Zoey is a rescue dog who loves many things but nothing more than Jasper. Jasper is a 10-month old who is not only adorable, but is best friends with Zoey. Jasper's mum, Grace is a professional photographer who has captured th...

What Is The Correct Diet For a Dog Suffering From Liver Failure?

 by jaime on 26 Apr 2014 |
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Receiving a diagnosis of liver failure for your furry friend is an extremely distressing event for the entire family. Knowing that your dog is in pain and unable to perform every tasks such as eating, drinking and going outside to the toilet is heart...
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