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July 2013

Animal Odd Couples

 by zack on 27 Jul 2013 |
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  The animal kingdom is a funny place. It’s usually a dog eat dog world, but occasionally some very odd couples will end up forming, seemingly out of the blue. Strange bedfellows such as dolphins and dogs, goats and horses, dogs and lions, among many...

Scaredy Cat: How to Handle a Frightened Feline

 by zack on 19 Jul 2013 |
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Cats have a lot of stereotypes surrounding them. They’re considered curious, mischievous, mystical, and even regal. However, everyone is familiar with a feline that’s been characterized as skittish or easily spooked. Cats are very independent creatur...

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

 by zack on 10 Jul 2013 |
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We all know that dogs have certain proclivities in regards to their eating habits. Sometimes that can’t help but snack on the same meal twice. This causes a variety of very awkward problems for pet owners; the first that comes to mind is after a stin...

Your Cat may Actually be Driving You Crazy.

 by zack on 07 Jul 2013 |
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Here’s a frightening thought: your housecat is host to a parasite that can infect you, and in so doing affect your brain function, making you more impulsive, promiscuous, less attentive, less intelligent, and possibly suicidal. Sounds like something ...

EPI in Dogs

 by zack on 04 Jul 2013 |
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EPI or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency is a deadly disease that has seen a sharp incline of recorded cases in recent years. The order is related to certain dogs inability to properly breakdown food and absorb nutrition from them. The cause is relat...
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