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May 2013

Investigating Veterinary Insurance

 by zack on 31 May 2013 |
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Nobody wants to dwell on it, but health and wellness issues are a constant worry for owners of older dogs and cats. Especially for a low income family, pet sickness, disease, or accidents are a gigantic financial concern. Not only are these issues a ...

Clipping Claws 3: Finishing Touches

 by zack on 25 May 2013 |
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We’ve gone through the basics of trimming dog’s nails and how to cut cat nails. Now it’s time go over the final details...

Clipping Claws 2: How to Cut Cat Nails

 by zack on 24 May 2013 |
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Welcome to part 2 of our series on how to cut your pet’s nails. Today we’ll be discussing the basics of clipping claws o...

Clipping Claws: A Sore Subject

 by zack on 24 May 2013 |
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Image Credit Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom or dad would make you sit still and cut your nails? It was never a positive experience. You wanted to squirm and play, but you had to remain motionless and bored for however long it took....

Animal Actors: Celebrity Quadrupeds Part 2

 by zack on 22 May 2013 |
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Welcome back to the Petbucket blog’s official examination of famous Hollywood pets, animal actors, and celebrity mammals...

Animal Actors: Celebrity Quadrupeds

 by zack on 18 May 2013 |
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Animal actors have a long history in Hollywood. Movie magic and fluffy cute stage hands go together like butter and pop...

An Abbreviated History of K-9 Crime Fighters

 by zack on 17 May 2013 |
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There’s just something fascinating about a crime fighting animal. Human beings have been depending on dogs to help protect life and property for thousands of years, and in the 21st century we’ve gotten it down to a science. The modern police dog has...

Curbing Cat Aggression

 by zack on 15 May 2013 |
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While most cats are usually lovable, adorable, and infinitely happy to be caressed, there are times when a feline can be...

Safe Traveling Tips on Trips with Pets

 by zack on 14 May 2013 |
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 With summer months around the corner, everyone is beginning to plan their vacation getaways. For a lot of people that m...

Doggy Dental Care: The Dangers of Periodontitis in dogs

 by zack on 09 May 2013 |
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So news flash: plaque, tarter, and periodontal issues don’t just exist in the human mouth. Dog chompers might be a good bit sharper and a lot more resilient than your human mandibles, but at the end of the day they need some maintenance as well. Peri...
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