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How does Simparica work?

 by ben on 13 Aug 2019 |
6 Comment(s)

Simparica for dogs provides fast relief from parasites and the diseases they carry in one tasty treat, making pest protection no hassle for you and your pet.

Simparica is the once-a-month flea and tick treatment proven to kill parasites fast. Available in a tasty treat that dogs love, each soft chew provides up to 35 days of protection, arming your dog against biting pests and the diseases they can carry.

Like other oral flea and tick treatments, Simparicafor dogs works by entering your pet’s bloodstream immediately after ingestion. When a flea or tick bites, it is exposed to the formula’s FDA-approved active ingredient, sarolaner, which attacks and kills parasites fast. Within just three hours, Simparica effectively begins killing fleas and, after 8 hours, starts to kill ticks including the lone star tick, black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Gulf Coast tick. Simparica has also been proven effective in relieving and preventing ear mites and mange. The long-lasting formula continues to control parasites for up to 35 days, providing continued relief from parasites and the diseases they carry.

Simparica’s powerful ingredient sarolaner is an insecticide and acaricide that affects nerve cell function in invertebrates. It works by altering gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate receptors, which both play a role in nerve transmissions. GAGA-gated channels help dampen nerve transmissions, which sarolaner disrupts to create an influx of transmissions in fleas and ticks. At the same time, the compound opens glutamate-gated channels, contributing to the flood of nerve transmissions. The resulting seizures are fatal to fleas and ticks, but because sarolaneris more effective on invertebrates than mammals, Simparica has been found proven safe for dogs during field trials.

While adverse reactions were rarely seen, the most common side effects during a three-month field trial included vomiting, decreased appetite, weakness, lethargy, and softened stools. Though most reactions related to Fido’s digestive system, in a few isolated cases, dogs showed more serious side effects such as tremors, muscle twitching, and seizures. Simparica is available by prescription only, so be sure to discuss any history of seizure disorders with your veterinarian when discussing the best flea and tick treatment for your pet.

Simparica is safe for dogs as young as 6 months old and weighing at least 2.8 pounds. The chewable tablets are available in doses for dogs of every size and, because Simparica is delivered orally, there’s no messy application or need to wait before bathing your pet. The treatment has not been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs, so these pets will need alternative flea and tick prevention. Talk to your vet about Simparica to provide your dog with safe, effective relief from biting parasites with one tasty, monthly treat.


Alam - Comment
Alam30 Apr 2021Reply
In a study, Simparica killed more brown dog ticks than NexGard. visit to know more: short.gy/kZlPAY
Wendy - Comment
Wendy16 May 2022Reply
Are ticks still suppost to bite your dog . I still got to pull the ticks off mine.
K3anu - Comment
K3anu16 May 2022Reply
Yes, the medication is absorbed from the gut to circulate in the blood. That is how it then kills the ticks/fleas after they bite and ingest blood from your dog. So the ticks will still bite but they die after. If they don't just fall off, you might still see them on your dog but most likely they are dead. The main thing is that they don't get the chance to reproduce or cause further damage to your dog.
Joyce Ross  - Comment
Joyce Ross 17 Apr 2023Reply
Can my dog carry ticks on their fur to me? He is treated with simparica trio. He spends a lot of time outside and we have a real tick problem where I live
Elizabeth - Comment
Elizabeth17 Apr 2023Reply
Yes. My dogs have been on this for years despite never having seen a tick on them. After a ridiculously warm winter I’ve found many ticks on their fur when they come inside.
Cindy - Comment
Cindy27 Apr 2023Reply
If the tick has to bite the dog in order to be killed, how can simparica prevent tick-borne diseases, which are transmitted via tick bites?
Melissa  - Comment
Melissa 01 Sep 2023Reply
Does this product prevent heartworm
chesney - Comment
chesney01 Sep 2023Reply
Simparica does not prevent heartworm, Simparica is a preventative for Flea and Tick
Bill Tillchock - Comment
Bill Tillchock27 Jun 2024Reply
I am using Simparica Trio on my Staffy Terrier. Should I not be alarmed that I am finding the remains of dead ticks on his body? I see bumps on his body which appear to have been insect bites, the remains of the insect itself. Is this evidence that Simparica is doing its job correctly? I am a new pet owner parent.

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