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 by lucy on 07 Sep 2017 |
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Human beings have been wearing jewelry for over 100,000 years – much longer than we've kept domestic cats and dogs (70,000 years and 14,000 years respectively). We wear jewelry for all kinds of functions, from displaying social status to religious commitment to pure aesthetic value, and we put them on our pets for some of the same reasons. From the Roman Lucius Lucinius Crassus' moray eels with necklaces to Paris Hilton's chihuahuas with diamond-encrusted collars, we've been dressing up our pets for generations.
One function of jewelry is for identification. If someone is wearing a wedding ring, it's safe to assume they are married. If a dog is wearing a collar, it probably isn't a stray – if it has a name tag on the collar, it almost certainly isn't! A dog tag is the ultimate in functional pet jewelry, and it can be as pretty or as plain as you like. A wide range of materials and designs are widely available from stainless steel to gold to suit your tastes and your pooch's personality. It's just like a pendant with a name on!
Cat collars, like dog collars and tags, let others know that your cat has a home to return to and where their owners can be found if they get lost. Fewer than 2% of missing cats are returned to their owners and a collar and tag can go a long way in making sure they find their way home. Like tags, collars can be fun and unique as well as practical, just like jewelry. From luxury leather to dazzling bling, there's a collar out there for your cat that is every bit as fabulous as a human necklace. As long as it fits well enough that your cat can't slip it off or get something stuck in it, or has a snap-off mechanism if your cat is an avid climber and you're worried about it getting caught in a tree, your cat can be both spectacular and safe.
So why do some people like to dress their pets in jewelry? Because it looks cute! There are all kinds of cute pieces of jewelry just for pets that can be attached to your pet's collar and clothing. Extra charms can be added to the same clip on your pet's collar, just like a human charm bracelet. Sliding letters slipped on your pet's collar spelling their name can be one step further to a perfectly personalized pet accessory – though this should be in addition to a standard tag with your contact details, just in case they get lost. If your pet wears clothing, they can flaunt pet brooches. Add a sliding bow or flower onto a collar to add some color and style to your pet's daily look.
Pet jewelry can be fun and fabulous, but practicality has to come first. However, that doesn't mean practical can't also be eye-catching and stylish, as long as it is also comfortable for your pet to wear. If they seem to be experiencing discomfort – scratching at their collar, trying to remove it, or otherwise showing signs of uneasiness – swap the collar out for something simpler, and consider saving the showpieces for special occasions.


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