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Why Interactive Toys Are Beneficial For Fat Cats

 by jaime on 20 Oct 2014 |
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It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that a lack of activity can lead to obesity. For cats, obesity is especially prevalent in indoor cats as they experience less incidental exercise, compared to outdoor cats who spend many of their days wandering the neighbourhood, pouncing or prowling.

So if you have a fat cat on your hands, how do you help them drop the excess weight?

Apart from reducing calorie intake, increased activity will help tackle the battle of the bulge whilst promoting numerous other health benefits. This of course, can prove difficult if you have an indoor that's fond of napping and just generally relaxing - especially if you are a full time worker. But, there are ways!

Interactive toys.

Why interactive toys?
  • Interactive toys are interesting and exciting to cats, so are therefore more likely to engage your cat in regular physical activity. 
  • Compared to other sorts of toys, interactive toys are more likely to keep your cat playing for long lengths of time or are likely to interest them numerous times throughout the day - especially if you have a few different types around.
  • What's so great about interactive toys is that they help with boredom which often leads to over-eating. Remember these types of toys use up brain power as well as physical power!
  • Some interactive toys combine exercise and food into one by making your cat work for their meal - it gives them an even greater incentive to exercise!
Remember, from time to time to put your cat's toys away out of sight or reach so when they do resurface again that are just as exciting as they were the previous time, hence increasing the likeliness your cat will play with them.

Is it time your cat got their paws on some interactive toys?


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