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Uncover Your Pup's Past With A DNA Test

 by michelle on 02 Jun 2014 |
3 Comment(s)
If you've ever adopted a dog from a shelter, you've probably wondered about the dog's previous life- like where they came from, when their birthday is, who their previous owner was and more. And unlike when you purchase a dog from a breeder, you never really know what to expect when you adopt from a shelter. Some shelter dogs appear to be purebred based on breed standards, while others are clearly a mix of breeds. If only they could talk! Alas, most of these things will remain a mystery, with assumptions for answers at best. But there are some questions that can be answered thanks to Wisdom Panel 2.0, a canine DNA testing kit you can do at home.
For $79.99, you can order a kit off Wisdom Panel's site. The kit contains instructions, two DNA cheek swabs, and a pre-paid shipping label. The procecss is easy - as long as your dog doesn't mind you poking around his mouth real quick. One at a time, you roll the swab between the inner surface of the cheek and gums for 15 seconds. The swabs need to air-dry for at least 5 minutes, which allows time for you to activate your test online, where you'll provide the activation confirmation number that comes with your kit. Once the swabs are dry, you just pack everything back up and mail it to the lab. 
It typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive your results, but in the meantime you can check the status of your test online. You'll receive an email when the results are in, with a detailed report on your dog's ancestry. The report breaks down your dog's lineage in the form of a family tree and then goes on to describe the key breeds detected in terms of history, appearance, and behavior, and how these traits are inherited.

Ancestry tree for my dog Finn who turned out to be a Lhasa Poo!

The Wisdom Panel kit is a really great tool for any dog owner that is simply curious about their dog's genetic makeup. Perhaps you adopted a dog and you want to know what breeds they're made up of, or maybe you're curious if your dog is a purebred or a true designer dog (a cross between two purebreds). If your dog is still a puppy, knowing their breed can also help predict weight and other characteristics. 

If you're interested in ordering a kit you can check out their website here. Also check to see if Wisdom Panel's National Swab-a-thon is coming to your city, where you can have your dog's DNA swabbed onsite for only $30! Pretty good deal to reveal the past of your pooch! 



corinne mose - Comment
corinne mose03 Jun 2014Reply
Will the test tell the dog's age?
Krystle - Comment
Krystle03 Jun 2014Reply
I've heard that the test is unreliable, which might be true, but from what I've seen, it's pretty decent. I thought my rescue was a mutt because a lot of "pit bulls" are, but she turned out to be full-bred American Staffordshire Terrier. I did some in-depth research, and it seems logical from all angles that she could be a purebred. So, if you actually have a purebred, this test will tell you!
Petbucket - Comment
Petbucket05 Jun 2014Reply
Hi Corinne, the test is not able to tell the dog's age - maybe one day it will because that would be very useful!

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