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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ferret

 by jaime on 20 May 2014 |
5 Comment(s)

Ferrets are inquisitive, mischievous and energetic animals that can make wonderful pets for the right household. However, they do require specialist care and plenty of love and attention or they will quickly become bored and destructive. The following points are things that you should carefully consider before adding a ferret to your family.


1. They have a distinctive smell 

Even the best-kept ferret cage will have a slight musky odor that will always be present no matter what. Ferrets do enjoy baths, and this will help to keep the smell to a minimum. Neutering your ferret will also help to reduce the musky smell. If you are sensitive to odors or like your home to smell fresh, then a ferret is probably not the best pet for you.

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2. They like to nip 

Like puppies and kittens, baby ferrets will nip whenever they feel threatened, excited or even just to get your attention. This is something to consider if you have young children in your home as ferrets can sometimes bite hard. Ferrets will often nip each other during play as their thick skins protect them from injury. However, the same playful nip can be painful to a human, so you will need to be prepared to spend time teaching your ferret not to bite.

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3. They require a lot of medical attention 

As they get older, ferrets are susceptible to a whole host of illnesses such as influenza, kidney stones and cancer. They also need to be vaccinated against rabies, parvovirus and canine distemper annually. Female ferrets need to breed once a year or they will become extremely ill from anemia that often proves fatal. If you are not prepared to raise a litter once a year, then you will need to get your female ferret sterilized.

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4. They like companionship 

Ferrets can get lonely if they do not have another ferret around for company. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep ferrets in pairs to avoid them getting depressed and sick. Keeping two ferrets is actually much easier than one as they will entertain each other and burn off their energy through play fighting.


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5. They get into trouble 

Ferrets love to explore and will get into just about every nook and cranny in your home. They are also accomplished escape artists, and you will need to ferret-proof your home in order to keep them safe. Ferrets often end up wedged in between couch cushions, stuck behind appliances and trapped behind walls. You will need to constantly supervise your ferret whenever it is out of its cage to avoid any potential injuries.

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6. They have fast metabolisms 

Ferrets have incredibly fast metabolisms and will eat regularly. This means that they will also have to eliminate often which could be a problem if you plan to let your ferret roam free throughout your home. However, with a little training and patience most ferrets can be taught to use a litter box.

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If you are prepared to give them the care and attention they deserve, ferrets will pay you back with endless hours of entertainment. They are also extremely affectionate animals that love to interact with their owners for both playtime and cuddles.

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Jayden - Comment
Jayden21 Nov 2014Reply
this was very informative thank
Corynne - Comment
Corynne05 Dec 2014Reply
I love ferrets and it's perfect for her to play with me when I'm bored and I want one for Christmas but mom said I can't get one what do I do?
Linda - Comment
Linda11 Jun 2016Reply
So if one wanted to breed ferrets do you know how to go about preparing for that? I would love to read a something on this site about that.
gege - Comment
gege21 Apr 2020Reply
eu queria um furão mas agora não vou ter mais... queria ter um branco e vcs???
Ananda - Comment
Ananda15 Jul 2020Reply
Eu quero uma doninha

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