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The Cat with Two Faces

 by danielle on 04 May 2014 |
10 Comment(s)

No, its not Photoshopped. Venus is a cat unlike any other. One half of her face is solid black with a green eye, and the other ginger with tabby stripes and a blue eye. 
Image credit


Image credit


Now an Internet star, the remarkable cat’s beginnings were humble. In a stroke of luck, Venus’s owner spotted her as a kitten amongst a litter of strays in a photo her husband took whilst working on a dairy farm in North Carolina. She fell instantly in love and rang the farm owner at once to ask if she could adopt her. Two days later her husband flew interstate to bring little Venus home. 

Internet stardom was almost inevitable when pictures of the unique cat began circulating online. She now has over 166k likes on her Facebook page, a popular Youtube channel and a stuffed plush toy replica to her name. 


Many were convinced she was a hoax, until she appeared in the flesh on the Today Show and was investigated by The National Geographic.  



There are a number of theories as to the cause of Venus’s unusual appearance. She is widely believed to be a ‘chimera’, a term coined after the mythological beast composed of many parts of different animals. In biology a chimera is an animal whose cells contain two types of DNA, after two embryos fuse together. Essentially, a ginger cat and black cat might have become one in Venus, her double-nature manifesting in her face.  

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But if Venus isn’t a chimera, what else could explain her unique looks? Simple luck, is the most likely other possible cause. It is feasible the cells in one side of her face were randomly activated so the fur turned black, whilst the other side was activated to turn orange. From this, a one in a million fur pattern was produced.   


According to some experts, Venus uniqueness is not just limited to her split face. Her single, inexplicable blue eye is also highly unusual. Blue eyes are rare outside of the Siamese breed, and are otherwise usually present in cats with a coat that is largely white in colour. Since a tiny patch on Venus’s chest is the only section of white fur, her eye is yet another oddity in her already remarkable appearance. 


Whatever the true cause of Venus’s mysterious looks, her star looks set to continue to rise. 



jay simms - Comment
jay simms21 May 2014Reply
I think she's beautiful!
Petbucket Admin - Comment
Petbucket Admin22 May 2014Reply
She is isn't she!
kalguy30 - Comment
kalguy3026 May 2014Reply
The cutiest, looks spoil too.lol
Anonymous - Comment
Anonymous26 May 2014Reply
I love her! I also love her name!
RAINIE - Comment
RAINIE27 May 2014Reply
e knight - Comment
e knight28 May 2014Reply
where can we get one....lol
the different color eyes is interesting.
We had a dog who had bright blue eyes until he was
about 7 months old.
We called him Azul (for blue eyes) like Sinatra.
than the color of eyes changed. we have never seen
that before either....was quite interesting
Margie - Comment
Margie02 Jun 2014Reply
A beautiful animal.All animals are beautiful. I hope she lives a pampered life like all animals deserve!
Tori - Comment
Tori02 Jun 2014Reply
Amazing and So Beautiful! She's a Calico cat, with amazing facial marking.
anne - Comment
anne03 Jun 2014Reply
she is breathtaking , hope sh will live a long and well cared for life, cats of all kinds are beautiful, they rule.
candi - Comment
candi06 Jun 2014Reply
Hubby and I are drawn to calico cats', fact is of all types of cats, calicos' are euthanized at shelters more than any other type. I find that heart wrenching. Pray God granta long and happy life for sweet Venus and please adopt a shelter pet.. You'll never regret it!

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