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Ten Breeds You Should Consider if You're Looking For a Loving Cat

 by jaime on 21 Mar 2017 |
28 Comment(s)

For some, part of the appeal of a cat lies in the fact that they can be quite independent creatures that typically require less maintenance than the average dog. However, if you are actively searching for an affectionate, sociable cat that will love to spend time with you, it is well worth considering one of the following ten breeds.



Burmese cats are often described as 'bricks wrapped in silk' (due to their athletic, firm bodies and wonderfully soft coats). They are available in many different shades, from warm chocolate to exotic blue and have loud, expressive voices that demand immediate attention. The average Burmese is playful and active well into older age and can even be trained to do things like fetch a toy or obey basic commands. If your ideal cat is vocal, energetic and deeply interested in human behavior, a Burmese could be the perfect addition to your household.

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While you may be taken aback by the fact that a Manx cat will have a stub instead of a tail (or no tail at all), these unique cats have some outstanding personality traits that make them highly endearing. They are deeply attached to their home environments, making them ideal house pets if you are unsure about letting a cat go outdoors and you can expect your Manx to be a curious, bold pet that loves to be close to you.

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Rex cats are even more unusual looking, as they have a very short, very curly coat with gigantic ears that dwarf the size of their faces. The eccentric appearance of a Rex comes with a truly wonderful disposition, and will shower you with affection and enthusiasm. These cats love to impress their owners with crazy antics and they are passionate about playing.

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You may have heard of the ragdoll as these cats were specifically bred in order to be unusually compliant when held by their owners. This trait makes them highly pleasant to cuddle, and your ragdoll is likely to be the perfect lap cat. However, when they are not snuggling up to their owners, ragdolls enjoy playing and can often be trained to do basic tricks.

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Abyssinian cats are the very embodiment of elegance and have strikingly good looks. Their beauty is a mere bonus though, as these cats are so loyal and clever that they typically delight their owners on a daily basis. They can be difficult to source and may come with an expensive price tag but those who own Abyssinians will tell you that these cats are worth the cost.


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As long as you don't mind owning a cat that tries to have lengthy conversations with you while you make the dinner, tidy the house or try to work at the computer, a Siamese could make a great companion. In addition to being very vocal, these cats love to curl up on a warm lap or turn everyday activities into opportunities for play.

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Some find the classic, flattened faces of Persian cats to be beautiful, while others think that these cats look rather squashed. However, it it's love that you are looking for then a Persian should definitely make your shortlist. These cats are very chilled out, passive companions who enjoy being held and stroked.

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Maine Coon

Owning a Maine Coon requires you to be diligent about regular brushing, as these cats have long coats that need to be carefully protected from matting and tangles. In addition to being truly beautiful, Maine Coons have bags of energy, an intense interest in social interaction, and a fondness for play.



Birmans have creamy looking coats and colored points that can be anything from burnt red to very dark brown. They are known for their high intelligence levels and tendency to form deep, lasting bonds with their human families.

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The Tonkinese offers the best traits of a Siamese and a Burmese in one gorgeous package. These cats are athletic, trainable, and may even enjoy going out for a walk on a leash. A Tonkinese is also an excellent choice for a busy household, as your pet will be delighted to meet new people.



I - Comment
I27 Apr 2014Reply
You forgot the Oriental Shorthair.
They have all the good qualities of the Siamese, but are a bit less vocal
and demanding. They are very intelligent and loyal. They also have the slender, athletic body and are full of great ideas. They come in wonderful colours and I would never get a different cat.
Petbucket - Comment
Petbucket23 May 2014Reply
You're right, the Oriental Shorthair is a beautiful looking cat. Thanks for the suggestion.
Billie - Comment
Billie01 May 2014Reply
What about the Himalayan?part persian and Siamese?
Petbucket - Comment
Petbucket23 May 2014Reply
Thanks for the suggestion Billie! The Himalayan cat is really gorgeous - they're extremely cute as kittens :)
Terri - Comment
Terri05 May 2014Reply
Another vote for the Oriental Shorthair - they have the endearing qualities of a Siamese with the choice of 300 coat colors!
Jennifer Westchester - Comment
Jennifer Westchester05 May 2014Reply
Another excellent choice is the Russian Blue. With many of the attributes of the Burmese (very glad to see its inclusion, BTW), it is a very handsome, smart and elegant cat that makes a great companion.
CatLady - Comment
CatLady05 May 2014Reply
My favorite all-time cat--was "just" a tuxedo lady. She was with me for 15 years--the love of my life-- and passed this December. She is one of 9 cats that have showed up at my house over the last 20 years. My neighbors say there must be a sign out. I adopted all of them. One was a Maine Coon and was very sweet. A current one is a Calico, who is a riot. The other one is a very large all black male who is very vocal and probably half Siamese. I've also had an Angora, a Siamese, a Persian. (I try to find the owners and out of the 8 times I have, they didn't want them.) I never know what's going to show up! (Still trying to get the raccoon out of my garage!)
Petbucket - Comment
Petbucket23 May 2014Reply
So great to hear everyone's suggestions - some really beautiful breeds of cats being mentioned. Keep sharing your stories :)
Ronnie - Comment
Ronnie15 May 2014Reply
My vote goes for a RussianBlue. I had My Kitty, a mix Russian Blue for 23 years. She was a constant companion, yet her own kitty (person). She was a talker. How we loved to travel in the car, go places. She was so adaptable, fearless. The vet said she never saw such a bond as we had. My Kitty was a truly a person with fur:) <3
Suzannah - Comment
Suzannah15 May 2014Reply
So happy to see the comment about "just a tuxedo". I had Winkie for 17 years. She would run when I called her, went for walks with me AND went to the bathroom in the toilet!
Blaine - Comment
Blaine16 May 2014Reply
We ONLY get cats from the SPCA shelter. We don't pay any attention to what "breed" they are. They all have unique personalities, and they all respond to love. Currently we have a tabby and a black shorthair. They are the most amazing, wonderful friends we could ever have wanted, loving, intelligent, and beautiful too. I don't believe in supporting breeders as long as there are animals at the shelter.
Julien - Comment
Julien16 May 2014Reply
I had a siamese blue point, Penny was the best cat I ever had. She was a little dog in disguise. She left me at 19 years of age. really miss her. Now I have an Abyssinian he is 1 and a half years old now. Sunny is so energetic. Extremely loving, always at the door when I arrive and gives me a kiss on the forhead every day. These cats hardly meow and when they do, you need a microphone to here them. My penny on the other hand, always had something to say and she said it loud lollll.
Petbucket Admin - Comment
Petbucket Admin16 May 2014Reply
Thank you to everyone for your input - it's great to hear your stories and experiences.
Jo Anne Fortuna Casey - Comment
Jo Anne Fortuna Casey19 May 2014Reply
Both of my cats found me.
My female calico has been my best friend for over 12 years! She is a beautiy, with green eyes lined with white! Her face is split down the middle with color!!!
She is Quite the Princess!!!
A few years ago a black cat showed up with a huge lump on his neck!!! I nursed him back to health. He talks constantly. He acts like a dog; comes when I call, runs up the driveway to greet me after work, would sleep on top of me, if I let him. A friend came to visit and exclaimed,
"You have a Bombay!! He is a Bombay!!"
So I googled him!! Sure enough, the pictures could have been him!!!
Loyal, affectionate, charming, eager to okay- yet independent!!
My only problem is that they do not get along!!! My Calico is soo
Jealous and possessive!! He adores her and wants to be close to her. She growls, hisses, snaps at him, blocks him from the food,
Won't let him in or out and he cowtown to her!!! It is almost funny!
I tell her that he lives here now!! He is your Brother! But, she's NOT going for it!!! Any suggestions?!
Andrea - Comment
Andrea21 May 2014Reply
Jo Anne Fortuna Casey - I have a calico Persian girl and a blue domestic short hair boy, who I got FOR HER ... and me...but mostly her, because of course, the world revolves around Calicoes! My girl was a total rude SNOT to my boy when I first got him...hissing, stalking him, pouncing on him aggressively. He was just his sweet self, with perfect manners, ignoring her and trying to respect her space. The courtesy was NOT returned.

So I reintroduced them...this time, putting my boy in a wire crate for a week, to introduce him to her, slowly and safely. By the end of the week, they were fast friends and playmates.

Another thing you can do is "play therapy." Play with your girl with a fishing rod string toy. Put the boy away in a separate room...then let your girl have a good long play session. Run her good about 3-4 passes (as many as she's interested in). Then, when she's exhausted, bring the boy in and let him chase the toy. (Or, ideally, have two humans do the play therapy, so both cats can play at the same time, far enough away to have space to run freely, but close enough so they can see each other while they're each having a great time.)

If the girl wants to chase the toy in the midst of the boy's session, let her take a turn. Cats tend to show great respect for each others' space and taking turns. End the session with high-value treats for each cat. Mine have loved Whiskas Temptations and/or Pill Pockets broken in half.

Also, if you're free-feeding, stop doing that and only feed the cats twice a day, for 30 minutes. Then lift the bowls. Then, when you feed them, put the food in bowls on opposite sides of the room, where kitties can eat freely without being bothered, but where they can see the other one. Over a period of weeks, gradually move the bowls closer together. If your girl balks at being too close, move the bowls back to a safer distance and sloooowwwwly and gradually, over a period of weeks, again, start to move them closer together, a little bit each day, until they can eat happily side-by-side.

These exercises will help your girl to associate the boy with positive things, like happiness when she plays with the fishing rod string toy (which increases a cat's confidence, by the way) or the satisfaction and happiness of eating a yummy treat or a yummy meal.

Good luck!!!
Maureen - Comment
Maureen22 May 2014Reply
Word of Warning: I have a very affectionate female Siamese cross, & I love her. However, she is also the smartest, most feisty cat I have ever encountered, which means that as a kitten, she could dream up more ways of making mischief than I would have believed. She loved climbing on top of a bookcase & batting at a lampshade, often more than once a day, because she knew it drove me crazy (I was worried about a fire hazard in my old, underwired house). Finally, I took the lampshade down & went with a bare bulb. When I did that, she tried batting at the light's pull chain. When she found out I didn't care, she stopped doing it. She's also the only cat I've ever heard of who will face down a watergun. When you are training most cats, if you say something like "Down" & shoot them with a waterpistol, they learn not to go there & to respond just to the word "Down." Not her! She hunkers down and glares at you even if you shoot her directly in the face. However, she has calmed down & become enormously affectionate since she was spayed, so there is hope.
Lara - Comment
Lara22 May 2014Reply
I have had two Turkish Angora cats (parent breeds that were used to create the persian breed) They are extremely wonderful cats. They follow us where we go and they are so very clever. Our oldest knows how to open the cupboard doors and often he would go in there to lie down when he wanted alone time :) He also loves to try to jump in to the back of the shower when hubby gets ready for work. While they may not like to be picked up, they have no trouble jumping into our lap when we are relaxing watching tv or when hubby is sitting at his computer desk :) They will readily try to jump into his lap and sit there while he plays diablo :) They have a long beautiful coat but it's not as prone to matting as the other long hair breeds like persians. I only ever have to come them once a month if I have to at all. They are wonderful cats. Both our boys loved to be on a leash and harness when we would go outside in the nice weather. They would stay out on the front lawn for a good 20 mins then they would want back inside :) I love them to pieces and would grab another in a heartbeat :)
Petbucket - Comment
Petbucket23 May 2014Reply
Thanks to everyone for your tips and advice. They are really useful and insightful!
Patricia Dumais - Comment
Patricia Dumais23 May 2014Reply
I have three extremely loving cats and not one is any particular breed — they are all “alleycats”. This article seems to imply that purebreds are more loving than mix breeds. It has nothing to do with the breed and all to do with individual personality. I also feel that when we promote purebreds we forget about all the wonderful shelter animals that desperately need to be saved and given good homes no matter what their breed.
Bobbi - Comment
Bobbi26 May 2014Reply
I have six cats that come into the house and three feral cats that live in my backyard. One we selected from a local shelter, the rest selected us. With the over abundance of cats in shelters waiting for forever homes, I think it is a dis-service to promote the breeding of pure bred cats by buying them from breeders. Our cats all have very different personalities, are loving and fill our lives with joy. You don't need to spend a lot of money for a wonderful companion who will be devoted to you for years.
Kay - Comment
Kay26 May 2014Reply
My best-ever cat was Herman, who was a big white shorthair with a black tail, one black ear, and a black patch under the other ear. He loved everyone, but especially babies, young children, puppies, and kittens. When he was 2, my sister got him a kitten for his birthday and he decided he was a mother. If my brother took the kitten outside, Hermie would bring her back in until he decided she was ready to be independent.
He loved to visit neighbors who had babies, kittens, or puppies, and disappeared for an hour every morning because he was out visiting. He came in when I called him, unless he didn't hear me because he was actually inside someone's home to visit their little ones. I don't know what breed he was, but all his brothers and sisters were bicolors with similar markings.
Richard de Dear - Comment
Richard de Dear26 May 2014Reply
I've got one of those cute Devon Rexes. His name is Scrotie and he's quite a character - a monkey in a cat-suit!
Fran Niquet - Comment
Fran Niquet28 May 2014Reply
Rex cats would have to be the perfect addition to any house hold, or even in nursing homes. They are highly affectionate and must be around you 24/7. They are constant chatterboxes, so they make a great companion.
Cheryl - Comment
Cheryl29 May 2014Reply
I recently added a mature Burmese to my family, and I have to admit, she's not like any other cat I've shared my life with. She's hysterically funny. Loves to sit on the toilet seat and talk to me while I dry my hair. Pulls used tissues or wadded up paper from the trash can and carries it around in her mouth yowling like she killed it. Quite the little snuggler too! However, the most unusual thing is her purr - she sounds like a tree frog!
In just a few short months, I adore this baby girl.
Glynis - Comment
Glynis02 Jun 2014Reply
All cats are beautiful, especially the ones behind bars at your local shelter.
Vivien - Comment
Vivien02 Jun 2014Reply
To the Cat Lady who was trying to keep a raccoon out of her garage: Put a radio in there and play loud music. The raccoon will leave. Then raccoon-proof the garage, sealng up any possible points of entry. Make sure the raccoon has not left babies; she will come back for them if you give her time and plenty of noise.
joan - Comment
joan11 Jun 2014Reply
if anyone wants an intelligent cat, find a tuxie.
andy p. who was found wandering in the woods on a very cold dec. day, had been declawed and dumped.
I wanted to adopt an older cat, found this guy at the local shelter, and brought him home.
he walks with a harness, crazy about running water, wades in the tub, converses with me, and is my friend.
he is always formally dressed, chews his own rear tonails and is loved by all our neighbors.
made the page a day calendar cat for oct. '14.
get a tuxie, you'll love him/her.
Eva Lundgren  - Comment
Eva Lundgren 11 Nov 2022Reply
I have cats all my life. One day a scrawny young cat showed up at my door that was so gentle and polite that I had to find him a home. My sweet Manx is here now and forever. I have found that the breed is known for their wonderful disposition.

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