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Protecting Your Dog's Paws Through the Winter Season

 by wai on 23 Nov 2013 |
1 Comment(s)
Winter can be incredibly hard on a dog's paws. While a dog's paw does form a hard callus, this does not prevent them from the possibility of frostbite or dry and cracking feet. If you live in areas that suffer from particularly harsh weather, there are a few things you will want to do to protect your dog's paws during your winter season adventures. Even if your dog is a cold weather breed, these tips should be used to reduce the possibility of paw damage.

Chapped Paws Are Just Like Chapped Lips
The winter weather often leads to dryness, which can cause your dog's paws to split or crack. This can be extremely painful for your pet, but luckily it's entirely preventable. Special balms that are formulated for dog pads can be purchased online or at any pet retailer. All you need to do is rub these balms gently into your dog's paw pads on a regular basis. You may need to clip any loose strands of fur on your dog's pad before application, as paw pad balm is usually a thick and waxy material.
Dog Boots Take Some Getting Used To
Dog boots are also an excellent option for pets that need to go out during the winter season, but they do take some practice. You may want to start getting your pup accustomed to walking with their dog boots a few weeks before winter arrives. Dog boots need to be snug but not uncomfortable. You can test the fit of your dog's boots by gently tugging on them and seeing whether they shift. If your dog lifts their paws, whines or hesitates before walking, it is likely the boot is too tight.

Stay In During Extreme Weather
If the weather is cold enough that you hesitate before going outside, it may be too cold for your pet as well. When the weather has become very extreme, you may need to explore alternate options for your dog. You can consider placing down mats within your mud room or within your garage so your dog can relieve itself during the worst of the winter storms. As long as you create a specific area for your dog, your dog should understand that they are not allowed to go anywhere else in your home.

Many dogs absolutely love the winter season, but they aren't aware of the potential dangers. Like a child, your dog will rely on you to protect him or her against the brutal elements. By following a few simple tips, you'll be able to ensure that your dog can continue enjoying the snowy weather without any lasting damage.


Amy Erlitz - Comment
Amy Erlitz25 Nov 2013Reply
Excellent advice. I am sure alot of animal owners are not aware of the dangers. Thank you for all the wonderful advice I receive from this company.

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