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Why Won’t Kitty Keep Clean?

 by wai on 05 Nov 2013 |
2 Comment(s)
One of the determining factors between being a cat person or a dog person is the propensity for pet purification. If you’re the type of individual that doesn’t mind weekly scrub-downs, dog ownership probably wouldn’t be an odd fit. If, on the other hand, you prefer your pet to spend significant portions of the day de-matting their fur and keeping their coats shiny, you might find more common ground with a feline. Though cats are indeed capable of letting their coats get out of hand, and usually for potentially dangerous reasons. 

A cat that’s lost interest in grooming is often a harbinger for a vet visit. There could be any number of reasons why the kitty isn’t being cleanly, but the most common are disease or aging. An aging cat can lose mobility, flexibility, and energy. So they may be in pain when trying to get the right angle for self-grooming. Or the entire cleanup process might just be too taxing on their circulatory systems. Have you ever just had one of those days where you were too tired to shower? It’s kind of like that, only you’re using your own saliva for moisture… so yeah, a bit more difficult.

Disease is the more threatening scenario. A lack of grooming accompanied by drooling or loss of appetite can signal gum disease. In this case, cats will quit grooming because using their mouths for much of anything is causing them pain

Aside from not actually seeing your cat making much of an effort to keep clean, you will notice an unkempt kitty via a few tell-tale signs.
  • Greasy or matted fur
  • Urine or fecal stained feet
  • A smelly cat stench
  • Or food caught in their whiskers or facial fur
  • Any and all of these symptoms are clues to a larger underlying dilemma. You need to determine what the cause of the sudden stoppage of self-scrubbing is about with a quickness. That is, unless you want to live with a stinky feline for the foreseeable future.

    Aside from aging or disease, your cat could be suffering from a trauma induced state of stress. This can cause a halt in grooming habits. It could be something like a move to a different location, the arrival of a new pet in the household, or any significant change in the cat’s routine. Since they are such resilient and independent creatures, it’s easy to forget that cats have their sensitive sides as well.

    So what can you do for an unclean kitty? Well, a vet visit is always an excellent option. Trained veterinary professionals are adept at identifying problems and prescribing solutions. You may also consider helping your cat groom with a regular brushing. This can often be a therapeutic activity for both you and your cat, and it will encourage them to take up the habit again.

    If you have a cat that’s stopped staying clean, be sure to examine it for other strange behavior, and work on getting them back in the habit of staying sanitary.



Bev A. - Comment
Bev A.13 Nov 2013Reply
Thanks for the heads-up; please keep the tips coming!
Carolyn Frazier - Comment
Carolyn Frazier23 Dec 2013Reply
This information is very helpful to me. I have both cat and dog and am very thankful that you provided me with this information. Continue to keep me updated. Thank you very much.

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