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My Heart Will Go On…Because of Merial’s Heartgard Products!

 by zack on 29 Oct 2012 |
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True to its name, Heartgard truly does offer an incredible degree of protection to your pet’s most vital of vitals. This powerful medication for dogs or cats will knock an invasion of fresh-faced parasites into oblivion. The vanguard product from parent company, Merial, is super effective against heartworms in the larval stage, and should continuously be used to safeguard any valued family pet. Merial, always an ambitious protector of pets, doesn’t stop with simple single dimensional protection against heartworm larvae. Three different variations of Heartgard are available to protect against a much greater variety of threats.

The basic protection begins with Heartgard. Think of this as the basic cable package, it gives you the programming you really need: the local news, classic TV reruns, and a decent movie here and there. The meat and potatoes, so to speak.  The active ingredient in Heartgard is ivermectin, which attacks heartworms in their larval stage. It also has been reported to prevent other such canine conditions as demodetric/sarcoptic mange and ear-mites. This makes it the ideal pet preventative and a mainstay in their supplementary diet. One ivermectin dose a month will do wonders for your pet’s health and your wallet as well. It’s always best to stop a problem before it starts, and heartworm disease can be an especially expensive pitfall to any pet owner.

For those who want to go the extra mile, Merial also offers Heartgard Plus which still offers the ivermectin fueled protection from heartworm disease, along with the intestinal parasite pesticide: pyrantel.  Pyrantel helps prevent canine ascarids, otherwise known as hookworms. If you keep up with this blog, pyrantel should strike a familiar chord, as it is one of the active ingredients in a previously showcased product, Drontal.
Finally, Heartgard Immiticide is used to take out the notoriously tough adult heartworms that often spell the end for the beloved pets of families the world over.  Honestly, Immiticide should be used as a last resort and avoided if at all possible. It can only be administered by a vet via painful injections into the lower back. They cause the worms in the dog’s heart to disintegrate and shed into the bloodstream, eventually exiting through the lungs, which occurs through an unsettling amount of canine coughing. This can lead to serious complications like blood clots and embolisms. It’s a last resort fast-kill method to try and save the dog’s life. However, it is a lot less scary and way less expensive that heart surgery.

Dedication to the customer’s wants and needs is what makes a successful company, and Merial is no exception. Heartgard products are renowned for being fast, effective, and convenient measures against a wide range of parasites. They offer quality start to finish options for the most debilitating diseases a dog or cat can contract, and it has made them one of the most successful pet pharmaceutical providers in the world.

Petbucket.com is dropping science daily so you can make informed decisions for your pet’s future.Pick up some Heartgard products today!


Sérgio B, Sant'Anna - Comment
Sérgio B, Sant'Anna02 Nov 2018Reply
Gostaria de adquirir o medicamento Immiticide, como devo proceder, pode vender apenas 3 ampolas? ou terei que adquirir as 05 que vem na caixa. Qual o preço?

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