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Seresto Tick and Flea Collar for Large Dogs

Seresto Tick and flea collar protects your dog against ticks, fleas and lice for 8 months!

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Product Description
The new Collar by Seresto  will give you a long term way to protect your dog from biting parasites, Fleas and Ticks that can infest your dog and pass on diseases.

How does it work?   The Seresto collar releases a low dose off its active ingredient to kill of fleas and ticks and prevent re-infestation for up to 8 months.

This new collar means you can forget about monthly treatments which can be easy to miss.

For dogs over 18 lbs (8 kg.) this Seresto Tick and flea  collar is a safe,  odour free, water resistant easy to use method of protection  It is  non greasy, so easy to handle and once placed on your dog will stop fleas and ticks in their tracks for up to 8 months!
Questions & Answers (18)
How long does it take to reach full effect?
After application, Seresto provides the pet with immediate protection against fleas and with repellent protection against ticks within 48 hours.
Can I also apply monthly drops to my dog when she is wearing a Seresto collar?
Yes you can do that but in most cases there is no need unless the drop you are using is for worming. Seresto covers only tick and fleas.
My dog weighs 9.5 kg. Does this collar the best option for his weight? Or is it the small dogs one?
Yes, Seresto for Large Dogs will suit your dog best since he is over 18 pounds.
This will be my first time ordering from your company. If I order and request auto delivery will the price for the collar stay the same each shipment?
It will be very likely same price. Prior to auto ordering we send a reminder email so you have a week to cancel if you prefer not to go ahead.
I have a Shiloh Shepherd with a 20" neck measurement. Is the Swresto collar for Large dogs big enough for him?
Seresto large collar is 27.5" - 70 cm. So it should be big enough for your dog.
Product Reviews (23)
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Share your thoughts with other customers
P. Gartman
A GREAT product at a GREAT price!!
The best flea and tick product that I have found!! It lasts for 8 months so I get GREAT value for my money!
G. Osterberger
Seresto Collar
The Seresto collars work great for our foster dogs. Sometimes we can have quite a few dogs that come in at different times which makes tracking monthly meds very difficult. Having a collar that actually works and can be transfered to another foster dog once one has been adopted is perfect for us.
V. Engler
Better than a pill
This product is great and lasts about 7 months. It’s nice not to have to “hide” a pill in peanut butter each month to give my pet.
D. Maugeri
Great collar
I’ve been using Seresto collars for a few years now. Much easier and more effective than drops or pills.
Jackie Collins
Seresto large collar
They didn't work at all. I brought them from you on Dec 16,2017 for use in the spring. My dogs were covered in fleas within a month. I am sure that the collars were fake copies of the Seresto collar.
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