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Karen Verso
Karen Verso
Australia, Hillside
20 Mar 2018
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Seresto Tick and Flea Collar for Large Dogs

Seresto Tick and flea collar protects your dog against ticks, fleas and lice for 8 months!

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Product Description
The new Collar by Seresto  will give you a long term way to protect your dog from biting parasites, Fleas and Ticks that can infest your dog and pass on diseases.

How does it work?   The Seresto collar releases a low dose off its active ingredient to kill of fleas and ticks and prevent re-infestation for up to 8 months.

This new collar means you can forget about monthly treatments which can be easy to miss.

For dogs over 18 lbs (8 kg.) this Seresto Tick and flea  collar is a safe,  odour free, water resistant easy to use method of protection  It is  non greasy, so easy to handle and once placed on your dog will stop fleas and ticks in their tracks for up to 8 months!
Questions & Answers (10)
Does it kill ticks on contact or do they have to bite the dog to die?
Seresto kills adults fleas and flea larvae on contact which is important for breaking the flea life cycle.
My puppy is now 80 lbs. Does this collar protect extra large breeds?
Yes. The collar works on all sizes including XL breeds.
My dog weighs 65 pouunds. Will this collar work for her?
Yes, it will work.
Can I use it with Nexgard? Is there any expected side effects?
Yes, you can use it but you don't really need both of them at the same time. Nexgard also protects your dog from tick and fleas.
can this collar be used with Braveto?
Yes you can use Seresto collar with Bravecto safely.
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The best flea/tick medicine on the market. I have been using it for 3 years and I promise you it is 100% effective. do not use anything else
Yonatan Bakelman
Good product, high quality, fast shipping

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