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Gina Dubicki
Gina Dubicki
United States, Santa Rosa Beach
28 Mar 2017
So easy!! And now that I have my order on auto delivery. I won't run out and it'll just come straight to my door.

Revolution Blue Cats 5.7-15.5lbs (2.6-7.5kg) - 3 Pack

Revolution Blue for cats prevents fleas, heartworm, ear mites, hookworm and roundworm.

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Product Description
Revolution Blue Cats 3 Pack is a fabulous pet medication designed for cats between 2.6-7.5kg (5.7-15.5 lbs.) This powerful preventative is truly multidimensional as it protects and prevents an enormous variety of parasites from plaguing your cat. Parasites like:
  • Heartworms
  • Fleas
  • Ear mites
  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
With Revolution Blue on your side, your cat won’t have an itch that you can’t scratch. You’ll be free to lavish kitty with the undue amounts of attention that he or she has become accustomed to without worry or restraint. So stop that tail from twitching, and keep that hide from itching with Revolution Blue.
The statement that Revolution and Stronghold are identical does not seem entirely true. They have the same ingredient, Selamectin but Stronghold has 45 mg/ml and Revolution has 60 mg/ml. Does this mean Revolution is more "potent" ? And should the stronger dose be given to prevent resistance

Th both have the exactly the same amount Selamectin just diffrent way of displaying. On Stronghold it says each tube contains 45 mg Selamectin, on Revolution it says 60 mg/ml and each tube contains 0.75 ml, that makes 45 mg Selamectin.

I have a maine coon cat that is over 15lbs. Do you carry revolution for that weight?

We don't carry revolution for over 15lbs cats. You can use Advantage Multi (Adovocate) for larger cats.

Do I need a prescription to order revolution for cats or Drontal?

All the products we currently sell are "over the counter" products in the country they are shipped from and no prescription is required.

if ordered today, when can I expect delivery?

It usually takes 10 to 15 working days.

I have 8 cats of my own and a friend has 1. Do you have any program in which 9 could be sent to me on a MONTHLY basis, thus saving that $2 charge and not having to remember to order each month? Thank you, Rita

Hi Rita Please order as 3 month auto delivery and send an e-mail to support@petbucket.com. We can manually set your recurring order period to once a month.

So the Revotution is the same as the Stronghold? Also, you have a reduced price for these meds every 3 months. Are you advising that the meds only need to be applied to the cat every 3 months, or once a month? Thank you! Rita

Hi Yes Stronghold has exactly the same ingredients and formula. A 3 pack box contains 3 treatments, one per month.

do you know the expiration date of this product ? http://goo.gl/AtuK5Z

All products are well within expiry dates. Generally the items are manufactured about six months ago with a three year lifetime, so on average you have about 2.5 years before the expiry date is reached.

Has anyone ever reported that they did not receive their product? I am nervous about ordering from outside the US

Hi, Our success rate is 98% delivery and 80% of it under the predicted 15 working days mark. However if any problems occur we have a policy which enables us to re-ship or refund your money if you don't receive your product. We have over 10K happy customers, you can check our review section on the website.

What are the ingredients in Revolution Blue?

The active ingredient is Selamectin.

is it safe to put revolution on a two month pregnant cat.

Revolution is safe for pregnant cats according to the product label. However, you should always consult a veterinarian before administering any medication to a pregnant animal.

We are a cat rescue with over 40 cats in our care. We use our own funds to care for the cats. Do you sell Revolution for Cats in a 6 pack? If not, do you give a discount for large orders? Thank you.

Please email support@petbucket.com for quotes on large orders. We carry Revolution for cats in 6 pk here http://goo.gl/Kb4fOI

does revolution also helps on ticks, i see it works on fleas but it don't say anything about ticks

Unfortunately it doesn't work for ticks. I suggest Using Advantix for Tick prevention http://www.petbucket.com/b/2268311/1/advantix.html

why do you list both stronghold and revolution? are they different products or just boxed from different countries? How do I know they are real products from Pfizer?

They are just boxed and marketed to different countries. They are identical products in every way and are both Pfizer products. You can look up the name Zoetis as Pfizer have now branded their animal products as Zoetis

Do you have current Lot number supply? Also can I use this product after the Exp: date on package??

LOT : G256973 It's best not to use an expired product. Although our products generally have about 2.5 years on average before they expire.

Do you have the 6 pack Stronghold or Revolution for cats in the 5-15 lb. area? Also do you carry the kitten under 5 lb.s

Yes Stronghold is here http://goo.gl/XfEUJF but we only have the 3 pack for kittens found here http://goo.gl/tbTmxL

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Reviews (3)
Name : Berlyn
Review : I ordered and was worried about the legitimacy of the product. Once received I call peizer who makes the product and had them make sure it was manufactured by them. Turns out it was but in Malaysia. So idk. It's cheap but foreign made. Piezer does go by same regulations with all their products no matter where they are made.

Name : Ryan
Review : I ordered 4 boxes of 3 for my two cats. The product arrived as promised, original, and after 8 business days to Toronto, Canada. Like most customers I worried about the legitimacy of the online offer but the deal works and PB offers great savings. There is a mistake in product description: online description specifies weight of 2.3-6.8 kg while the box says 2.6-7.5 kg.

Name : B. A
Review : Revolution cats is great, but you can buy the exact same product as Stronghold Cats for cheaper.

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