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Loyalty Program - Rewards

A loyalty program only for pet lovers

You have always rewarded your pet with the best of everything. Now it's your turn to be rewarded for all your efforts with the Pet Bucket loyalty program.

How does it work?

Very simple. You do what you normally do and we give you Pet Bucks based on your activity and purchases.

What is a PB (Pet Bucks)?

PB is the abbreviation for Pet Bucks. PB is the official currency of Pet Bucket's loyalty program. 100 PB= $1.00 (USD)

How can I earn Pet Bucks?

In many different ways;
  • When you join (250 PB)
  • When your friend joins (25 PB)
  • When you make a purchase (equivalent of 3% of your order value in PB)
  • When your friend makes a purchase (equivalent of 2% of your order value in PB)
  • When you write a review (*coming soon)
  • When you answer a question (*coming soon)
  • Monthly and weekly draws (*coming soon)

How can I use Pet Bucks?

You can use your Pet Bucks for any manual purchase at Petbucket.com. Simply enter your code in the checkout.

Is it easy to Join?

Indescribably easy. All you need is an active Facebook account and to click the mouse button a few times.

How do you track all this?

We have very clever programmers and a state of the art tracking system.

Is there a max limit of Pet Bucks I can earn?

Not at all. Sky is the limit.

Can I give or transfer my Pet Bucks to a friend?

You can give your Pet Bucks to your friends but you can not transfer them to another account.

What do I do to start?

Click Here