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Common brand names

Not available as a single ingredient product for use with household pets.

Combined ingredients

  • Vectra 3D Spot-On for Dogs (with Permethrin and Dinotefuran)
  • K9 Advantix II Spot-On for Dogs (with Imidacloprid and Permethrin)
  • Advantage II Spot-On for Dogs and Cats (with Imidacloprid)

Uses of Pyriproxyfen

Pyriproxyfen is a larvicide used to control fleas in dogs and cats. It does not kill fleas but disrupts their life cycle, preventing early stages from developing into adults.

As such Pyriproxyfen is not used as a single ingredient product, but combined with adulticides such Imidacloprid to extend the efficacy of flea treatments. Combined ingredient products containing Permethrin are not for use on cats.

Pyriproxyfen has no effect on ticks or mites.

Method of application

For external application. Combined ingredient products are supplied as topical/spot-on solutions.

Dosage and administration

Pyriproxyfen is not available as a single ingredient product.

For dosage and administration of combined ingredient products, refer to information on the specific product and use only as directed.

Possible side effects

Pyriproxyfen alone is well tolerated by dogs and cats, with a low toxicity and high safety margin.

Side effects experienced by dogs and cats after treatment with products containing Pyriproxyfen can generally be attributed to other active ingredients.

Signs of toxicity

Poisoning from Pyriproxyfen is unlikely due to a low toxicity and high tolerance in dogs and cats. High doses of Pyriproxyfen may cause reduced activity, failure to gain weight, diarrhea, unusual breathing, and loss of muscle control. In addition, dogs may experience vomiting.

If you suspect your dog or cat has had an overdose, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


This information is provided for general reference only and is not intended to replace the packaging label or veterinary advice. This page may not include all side effects, uses, brand names or applications.


Pyriproxyfen drug information sheet
Pyriproxyfen Information Sheet

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