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Debra Ramsey
Stronghold for cats and dogs
Stronghold is the exact product as Revolution. It has one ingredient, selamectin. The cost of Stronghold is half of the cost of Revolution.
Robby Strozier
4Kg, 7Kg 의 두마리 고양이를 반려하고 있습니다. 다묘가정이라 접종비도 만만찮은데 이렇게 저렴하고 편리하게 주문할수 있어서 좋았네요~ 저는 일주일정도 걸려 받았는데 빠르게 받은 듯 합니다. 매우 만족해요~
Nancy McGinnis
Love your service and products. Thank you for simplifying my life!
Nancy Sheppler
Seemed to take a little longer to ship, this time, but that just means that I need to remember to order earlier! Great product, great price. :-)