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Questions & Answers
Are these products legal and not counterfeit especially Advantage Multi for dogs? Just wondering because the price is unbeatable. Some pharmacists requires prescription. I placed an order at 1800-petmeds but they need an Rx. Please and thank you. Annie
Yes they are all absolutely genuine, we just sell in bulk and get them from different distributors, but they are all from the same manufacturers. <a href=""></a> We don't need an Rx because we're not sending from the US, we send from Singapore where the prescription is not required.
So this product will prevent the need to buy a seperate heartworm medicine and flea/tick medicine?
Everything except Ticks unfortunately. We suggest Advantix for tick prevention and treatment.
If advantage multi and advocate are the same...why is there a price difference of $3 on the 6 pk? And if I order advantage multi, will I get advocate? Shipping would be to Florida, USA.
Apologies, since they are the same, when we lowered the price on Advocate, we forgot to also lower the price on Advantage Multi. This is done now. You will receive Advocate.
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