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Dennon Wise
Dennon Wise
Canton, MS, USA
21 Sep 2018
I have used Pet Bucket for a couple of years with multiple dogs. Service has always been good, delivered as promised, quality pro ... more

Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue Dogs Under 25 lbs (11 kg) - 12 Chewables

Heartgard gives protection against deadly heartworm, it also protects from hookworm and roundworm.

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*NO PRESCRIPTION needed for this item.
Product Description
Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue is a 12 pack of tasty chewables created to deworm your pint sized pooch. Any dog up to 11 kg (25 lbs.) is an eligible candidate for this combination de-wormer. Feed your small dog Heartgard Plus to prevent parasites such as:
  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • And the deadly Heartworm
Heartgard Chewables Plus is to be administered once a month to keep your minute mutt from suffering the terrible effects of an unwanted parasitic invasion. So simultaneously keep your tiny tyke happy and well fed with Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue. Does not prevent Tapeworms or whipworms.

Questions & Answers (19)
Can I use this medicine for cats under 4 kg?
Heartgard is harmful for cats. Do not use heartgard on your cat.
Do I have to keep in fridge?
It needs to be stored between 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C). Avoid direct light to the chews. Storage at temperature should be fine.
My dog is about 11.9kg. Should I choose blue or green?
You should use Heartgard Green
Do you have to get a prescription from your get for heart guard meds??
You don't need a prescription from your vet. However you must remember this is a preventative not a treatment. You should be make sure that your dog doesn't have heartworm before starting to use this product.
We were at the vet today for an annual checkup, blood and stool check on our dog. I told the vet we get our heart worm and flea and tick meds from the UK. She said we needed to be careful as there are some places overseas that take the manufacturers box and put meds that really are not what we think we are getting. What are your thoughts? Thank you so much!
All the products we are selling are 100% genuine from the actual manufacturers.
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very gooooood
chewable, easy feeding
배송이 빠름 적극추천함
Mario T
3 years never had a problem!
We've been purchasing this product for our shorkie and never had a problem. In the U.S you need a prescription so its a hassle having to go to the vet just for a piece of paper. Thank you for the great service!!!
일주일만에 받았습니다. I recieved it in a week
생각보다 빠르고 포장도 잘되어 왔습니다. 다음에도 구매의향 있습니다.
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