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Millie Jordan
Stronghold for dogs
Stronghold does everything the higher priced medication for heart worms does. It essentially treats every parasite and keeps my old girl healthy. There hasn’t been any type of adverse reactions to her or at the site of application. Since I began using it over 6 months ago. She has been heart worm tested during this time and had fecal worm test. Nothing, completely clean. I highly recommend this product.<br>
I ordered this really not expecting too much. I have 3 cats,one we have had for years and the 2 little ones are less than a year old. Never had a real bad flea problem before these little guys came. I had tried the expensive flea collars,flea bombs,bathing in flea shampoo,flea combs..and 6 pipettes of Frontline plus(which always worked for my little chiuwawaha). So upon reading what this covers I figured at the very least the other results would be beneficial. But...this worked. its been about a week since they were treated and I haven't seen one flea on them!! I ordered just one packet to test(one pipette for each kitty) now I am back to make my subscription arrive sooner so they will be treated on schedule!! very happy and highly recommend. very fast shipping which I also appreciate!!!
Anita Wood
This is a great product and it seems to be effective on everything except Tapeworms, which I don't seem to find in any of them, would be nice if you could find a product to sell with it
Thank you for everything
Reliable shopping. Fast shipping. Shipping to Turkey only takes 10 days. Thank you for everything.