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Seresto Collar Really Does Kill Fleas and Ticks
I live in a wooded area and my cats love to wander around, bringing back in with them fleas and ticks of all sizes and types. They were killing me so I know they weren't welcome on my cats. Seresto collars takes care of them all! Sometimes a tick falls off a cat but they're always dead and I just don't see fleas, dead or alive, any more. Ordering from Petbucket saves me so much money. At my vet's, they're $80. At my favorite online food and pet supplies, they're $56. Times four, I'm saving so. much. money. Thank you, Petbucket!
Jina Yu
Amazing product!
Have been used from April to October and haven't found any bitten spots on my dog! Strongly recommend :)
Seresto Large Dogs
Best prices around! Shipping takes a while but totally worth It!
C. Mitchell
Seresto Review
Seresto collars have kept our Labrador Retriever flea and tick-free since we have been using it!
K. Serrano
Free of fleas
Very pleased. It was recommended by a fellow dog rescuer. All itching and signs of fleas disappeared within a day!