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Sue Thompson
United States, Talala
05 Oct 2015
Good value
Frontline Combo Small Dogs 4-22 lbs (2-10 kg) - 3 Pipettes

Frontline Combo for small dogs prevents fleas and ticks.

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Product Description
Frontline Combo Small Dog 3 is a spot on topical for dogs sized 2-10 kg (4-22 lbs.) This powerful chemical combination offers 3 doses of potent bimonthly protection from:
  • Fleas
  • Flea eggs and larvae
  • Ticks
  • Biting lice
Your miniature canine cohort will have his tail wagging in appreciation at the care you’ve taken for his well-being, and you’ll feel a sense of sovereign security as the dog happily bounds through grass, dirt, mud, and any other terrain it chooses with impunity. An entire 6 months of safekeeping can be yours with the single click of a mouse. Order today!
Is this product waterproof?

Yes, it is claimed to be waterproof.

Do you offer the same product for the larger size dog. .92 pounds?

Yes. You can find Frontline Combo XL at the following link: http://goo.gl/bWRq6P

Can you please explain to me the difference (from the user's point of view)between: 1.Frontline 2.Frontline combo 3.Frontline Plus thank you A.ASSHETON

Frontline Plus is called Frontline Combo in the U.K. but contain the same active ingredients. Frontline has been introduced in 1996 and Frontline Plus has been introduced in 2000. It has all the benefits of the Original Frontline and contains an extra ingredient, (S)-methoprene. Not only kills adult fleas, but also breaks the flea life cycle by killing their eggs and larvae, preventing re-infestation. Note: Pet Bucket does not stock the Frontline Original Formula.

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Sue Thompson
United States, Talala
05 Oct 2015
Good value
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