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14 Felines In Need Of A Cat Nap

 by michelle on 17 Apr 2014 |
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Warning: this post will make you tired! Image credit 1."ZzzZzZz huh? what?!" Image credit   2. Mondays? Amirite? Image credit   3. "I'm not sleeping - Just resting my eyes real quick..." Image credit   4. So this is what they mean by dead t...

Ten Breeds You Should Consider if You're Looking For a Loving Cat

 by jaime on 16 Apr 2014 |
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For some, part of the appeal of a cat lies in the fact that they can be quite independent creatures that typically requi...

Warning: Major Cuteness Overload!

 by sinan on 15 Apr 2014 |
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This story is too cute not to share.  Image credit A boy and his puppy taking a nap together. Have you ever seen a sig...

5 Easy Tips to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

 by jaime on 15 Apr 2014 |
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Nobody wants to be the owner of 'that dog.' You know the one: they bark all day and night, at anything and any one. If your dog won't stop barking and you don't know why, the likely cause is attention. However you may not need to send them to obedien...

14 Dogs Who Think Bath Time Is Paw-some

 by jaime on 14 Apr 2014 |
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Whoever said dogs don't like baths haven't met these guys! 1. "Rubber ducky you're the one - you make bath time lots of...

Top Five Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

 by wai on 08 Apr 2014 |
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Your dog is a cherished member of your family. Therefore, you usually have to treat your pet as you would handle a young...

Begin with Brushing: Your Dog's Oral Health

 by wai on 03 Apr 2014 |
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Do you have a hard time making your dog's dental hygiene a priority?  You're not alone.  Plenty of pet owners balk at the idea of brushing their dog's teeth.  Perhaps you simply don't think it's necessary to brush your dog's teeth.  Maybe you find it...

Canine Toxins: 7 Plants In and Around Your Home That Are Poisonous to Dogs

 by wai on 19 Mar 2014 |
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Many breeds of dogs are infamous for their tendency to eat anything and everything in sight. Whether you might think of ...

Weight Loss Guide for Cats

 by wai on 12 Mar 2014 |
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Is your feline friend beginning to look more like a pot-bellied pig than a cat?  It might be time to start a weight loss...

Dog Training: You May Be Sending Mixed Signals

 by wai on 05 Mar 2014 |
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Humans have been training dogs for thousands of years.  So naturally, you might assume that we would have it down to a science by now.  But all too often, new dog owners contribute to canine misbehavior by making honest mistakes that send mixed signa...
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