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Revolution Possible Side Effects for Dogs

 by zack on 07 Feb 2013 |
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Revolution has earned itself a reputation for providing quick acting and long lasting pest treatments for canines of all kinds. Revolution protects your dog from fleas, heartworms, scabies, ticks and ear mites, which makes it a powerful monthly pest treatment.
And because Revolution is so powerful, it's important that we as caring pet owners, do our part to check on the side effects and possible adverse reactions that some dogs might experience with their first use of Revolution, or with a possible overdose.
Thankfully, most of our homework has been done for us, by the FDA and the scientists and canines who dedicate themselves to testing products like Revolution, to make sure they are safe and effective.
Before we move into talking about the side effects, it's important that we go over some precautions mentioned by the FDA and Revolution themselves:
- Prior to using Revolution for your dog, make sure your canine has been tested for existing heartworm infections. If they have one, the parasite treatment can adversely effect your dogs health, and you'll want to stick with a vet's advice for what medications to use to help them get rid of the heartworms before you get proactive with Revolution.
Some of the common side effects noted with Revolution for Dogs:
Mild Lethargy
Mild Hair Loss
Digestive Upset
Appetite Changes
Side effects that warrant a vet visit:
Bloody Stools
Most of these side effects occur in less than 1% of Revolution protected dogs, though they can still happen, and in some very rare cases, using Revolution can also lead to death.


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