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Dottie Snickles
Dottie Snickles
United States, Auburn
22 Oct 2018
Totally satisfied! The price can't be beaten and the service was prompt. I'm on social security so the price is a great factor. ... more

Seresto for Cats Tick And Flea Collar

Seresto cat collar provides 8 months prevention and treatment of ticks and fleas!

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Product Description
Seresto is a new convenient collar for your cat that can provide protection for your cat month on month from BOTH ticks AND fleas so saving you having to remember to apply monthly treatment

Seresto works by releasing a sustained, active, low dose of protection that will be effective for 7-8months. It has been highly  tested and is safe enough to use on kittens and cats from 10 weeks old.

It is odour free, water resistant and non greasy to handle.  The Seresto cat collar is size adjustable, so will fit any size of domestic cat .  It also has a safety mechanism to allow instant release should your cat unfortunately get the collar caught.
All in all a great new product form long term flea and tick protection!
Questions & Answers (5)
I have two questions. 1st I just ordered the small dog flea collar and I didn't see that it would ship again in 8 months. I do not what that so I will probably owe more. 2nd is there an experation date on these collars
1) To prevent your dog from missing out on any treatment, we set it as auto delivery every 6 months 2) There is no expiration date on the Seresto collars because the product has been proven to have a long shelf life. It has been tested for a 5 year shelf life as long as it is unopened. Once the product package is opened, the shelf life is 8 months.
Can this Seresto collar, be worn while using Revolution every month? If not what other monthly worm product, can be used with this collar? Thank you for your help and response Sherry
Yes, you can use them together.
Does this only work to a certain age or weight?
You can use this product safely any cat who is 10 weeks of age or older. It is long adjustable collar so weight won't be a issue.
Will this work for an 18lb cat?
Yes this product effective on sizes. You just need to adjust the size.
What is the youngest age for a kitten that this collar can be used?
You can use this product on kittens 10 weeks of age and older.
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Becky Mears
Best Product For Our Household
Our fleas and ticks became immune to the stand-by drops and I found Seresto. It's a product that absolutely works, and for eight months! We have six cats and flea and tick control gets expensive. It was worth it but it had to be planned for in advance. Now I've found Pet Bucket and save $20-$40 for each collar and no ticks or fleas, no trying to catch six cats once a month, trying to remember to do it, it's a win/win.
Saved the day!
Pet Bucket is great to work with, and the seresto collars for my cats at their sanctuary are the best!
I think this company is wonderful especially for myself who is a small res ue
Doris Bogataj
second rate?? we'll see
I bought this from because the price is very good as compared to buying it locally. I have used one of these collars before that I bought locally and really did keep the cat flea free. This one from came from the United Kingdom. It did not include the reflectors that can be snapped onto the collar, and it does not have the loop on the collar to put the excess end of the collar into, therefore leaving a few inches of the end of the collar unsecure. Hopefully it stays in place.
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