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Zylkene Capsules 225mg - 20 Pack

Zylkene Capsules 225mg - 20 Pack is recommended as a support for balanced behaviour and may assist pets in staying relaxed in difficult, threatening or uncertain situations.

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Product Description

Zylkene Capsules contains Alpha-Casozepinem, Maltodextrin, Casein (Trypsin hydrolysed bovine casein), Magnesium stearate.


  • Useful for pets going through new, unusual or stressful events
  • Ideal for challenging events such as travelling, loud noise, new people including babies, separation, vet visits, introduction of new pets, parties and fireworks
  • Acts as an addition to pet diets and contains a natural product derived from casein (a protein in milk) which is known to promote relaxation
  • Lactose free
  • Non-drowsy
  • No side effects
  • Can be given to nursing mothers and litters
  • Easy to give - can be given as a capsule or sprinkled on food
  • Highly palatable and well accepted by pets
  • Available in 3 dosage strengths


Capsule StrengthWeight of PetCapsules to Give Daily
75 mgLess than 5kg (cat or dog)1
75 mg5-10kg (cat or dog)2
225 mg10-15kg1
225 mg15-30kg2
450 mg15-30kg1
450 mg30-60kg2


  • It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before and during the use of this product to determine the needs of your pet.
  • Can be used short term or longer term
  • This product does not replace a veterinary behavioural consultation
  • Not suitable for severe anxiety or behavioural problems
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