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Ted Langdon
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30 May 2017
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Heartgard Chewables Plus Brown Dogs 51-100 lbs (23-45kg) - 12 Chewables

Heartgard gives protection against deadly heartworm, it also protects from hookworm and roundworm.

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*NO PRESCRIPTION needed for this item.
Product Description
Heartgard Chewables Plus Brown is a 12 pack of tasty chewables created to deworm your large sized pooch. Any dog 51-100 lbs (23-45kg) is an eligible candidate for this combination de-wormer. Feed your small dog Heartgard Plus to prevent parasites such as:
  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • And the deadly Heartworm
Heartgard Chewables Plus is to be administered once a month to keep your minute mutt from suffering the terrible effects of an unwanted parasitic invasion. So simultaneously keep your tiny tyke happy and well fed with Heartgard Chewables Plus Blue. Does not prevent Tapeworms or whipworms.
Is this safe for Greyhounds? What is this preventing?

According the its label this product safe to use on Greyhounds, but we strongly recommend you take advise from your vet before applying any medication to your dog.

Can I cancel auto ship at a later date if I no longer need the product?

Yes, you can cancel auto ship easily from your account page any time.

If you select the 12 month automatic ship will the price be the same as I am paying today?

Yes it will be, unless the manufacturer rises its prices. Even that is the case we guarantee, the price will be the cheapest in the market.

I have a prescription for 12 chewable tablets but it is for 2 dogs even though it says one will I be able to get it in 6 months instead of 12 months? Due I need to send the prescription after I order the Heartgard plus?

You can buy Heartgard for your 2 dogs without a prescription.

How do I add a new item to my autoship subsciption?

You need to place a manual order first, unfortunately. Once the order is shipped, please do let's us know and we can match the date and period your old and new recurring orders.

Which country are these from?

We source our products all over the world. These products are produced by Merial in USA, Puerto Rico and South Africa. We can't guarantee which country the product comes from, but we can guarantee it will be 100% genuine.

My vet wrote the prescription for 6 chews with 1 refill. Can you send one 12 chew box?

Yes we can, no problem.

How much for heart guard for 23lb dog?

You need Heartgard Blue for 23lb dog. This is the link: http://goo.gl/HkWlPk

expiration date??

All products are well within expiry dates. Generally the items are manufactured about six months ago with a three year lifetime, so on average you have about 2.5 years before the expiry date is reached.

How long will the delivery take?

It should normally takes 10 to 15 days. You can see more details from our shipping page: http://goo.gl/JQOUA

how much for dogs less than 10 lbs.

You can find the prices for Heartgard Blue at the link below: http://goo.gl/NQ5Nfv

The auto ship - If I select every 12 months would we be shipped the original 2 boxes that we ordered or just 1 box

We will send exactly what you ordered at the first time. If you order 2 boxes we will send 2boxes when your auto ship period arrives.

Is a vet prescription required to order this or any of your heartworm meds? the box says 12 chewable tablets and the description says 6 tablets, which is the price for, 12 or 6?

All the products we currently sell are "over the counter" products in the country they are shipped from and no prescription is required. This products contains 12 chewable tablets. We are sorry for the mistake, we have now adjusted the details too.

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Reviews (3)
Name : Pat Kelly
Review : Fantastic deal. Having 2 dogs we gget 2 12 packs for our two dogs. Beware that the shipping took some time, so order early enough to get the product in time.

Name : hahaha
Review : 아이들에게 꼭 필요한 약인데 한국에서 구입하는것 보다 정말 싸게 주고 샀어요^^ 감사합니다.

Name : Lucy A
Review : This product works great

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