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Drontal Plus Round and Tapewormer - 1 Dose (10kg)

Drontal Plus Round and Tapewormer prevents gastrointestinal worms: roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm (including hydatid tapeworm).

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Product Description
Bay-o-Pet's Drontal Plus Flavors Tablet take a good product and make it great. You get all of the powerful deworming benefit of Drontal Chewable Tablets with the added benefit of a brand new beef flavor that dogs will go wild for. Drontal Plus Flavors treats all of the following:
  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Whipworm
  • Tapeworm
  • And Giardia (which causes chronic diarrhea)
This purchase comes with 1 tablet unpackaged, good for one treatment for a dog up to 10kg (buy multiple tablets if your dog is over 10kg, e.g 2 tabs for 20kg). This is a deworming product used as a single dose, not just a preventative that you apply monthly.
So grab your pup a treat and watch his tail wag while you smile at the knowledge that you’re keeping the family pet safe as well as happy.
Questions & Answers (15)
My dog is 16kg. does he need 2 tablets or 1and half tablets?
For dog weighing 14-20 kg (31-44 lbs), the dosage is 1.5 tablets.
Does this product contain 1 tablet or 2 tablets? "1 dose" in the product in your description but "2 tablets" in the picture of product. I'm very confused.
This product is a 1 tablet dose.
there is 2 chew in a package and my dog is 3kg should i give 1 chew every month?
Yes, if your dog is 3 kg. 1 chew a month will be the correct dose.
my dog is around 2kg still i need to give 1 dose?
Yes, If your dog under 10 kg, you should give him/her 1 dose.
How many products are in one tablet?
1 tablet = 1 dose. It is effective for a month.
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P. Paris
The right stuff especially for dogs you get to buy in the tropics
I've had five dogs in my life. All of them were treated with Drontal plus. In the morning time you take the half of the tablet and cover it with a piece of ham or sausage. That will work by feeding. Other half of the tablet you need to offer to the puppet during the evening acting the same procedure.
은. 정
it might be quite difficult to feed cause of bitter taste but the range of drontal is wide so i will do this again
E. Yoon
Very cheap
If I buy Drontal Plus at pharmacy, it is over $20 per 1 tablet. I am very satisfied with the price and quick delivery.
İmge Tekuz
ebru gulfirat
I am very satisfied with the service and the products...thanks so much
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